A Letter From a Killer Fan- Fade to Black

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a succesful movie producer is hunted by the past not relieving the past is closer than he thinks.

Submitted: June 07, 2012

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Submitted: June 07, 2012



Mr William Todd Taylor was a big movie film producer. He had so many legendary hits like, Yell, Puzzled the Jigsaw series, nightmare on oak street, and his favorite I Know What you did Last Fourth of July. All of his movies has something in common, they all where movies with serial killers. All are drawn from memories he had some time ago when he was little. The day his mother was killed. He goes countless times to psychiatrist and is prescribed on encyclopedia of medication that only dulls the pain of what he witnessed.

He was about eight years old and on his way to school. William's mom ,Vivian, was in the middle of packing his lunch. From the corner of her eye a dark shadow loomed. William gave his mother a hug ans kiss and walk to the corner awaiting the bus. Just as he gets on the bus the back of his hair stood up and stabbed him like micro daggers in his neck. As William Sat down the shadow form the shade of a man. Not a defined shape, no one he knew in fact he didn’t know what was there. It was enough for William to make a stir on the bus until the bus came to a stop. Lulu the bus driver had drag him to the front while kids snickered and laughed. The bus continued to on and William stared out the window. The shadow disappeared. The front door open.

After an awards ceremony, greeted by his adoring fans a familiar and yet strange feeling consumed him. Ignoring the feeling he moves past the glitz and glamor heads to the nearest garage. On William's car there was an envelop with brownish red smears. His heart pounded out of is chest when he notices is he realizes its the address of of his childhood home. He grabs it and slips it shaves it in his pocket and drives away. A dark figure hides behind a support beam watching as William pulls away. An evil grin consumes his whole face. He walks into the shadows and fades away into the darkness.

After William returned home he pours himself a drink and opens a letter and reads:


Dear William,


I have been watching you over the years and just stunned how much you remember from that day. I had no Idea that I would such a contribution to your success and am honored you could make such movies depicting what I had done to you. You first movie was a bit of a let down though, was hoping you could have brought in the way I chopped you mom into several pieces or how I tried to paint your room with her own blood.

Perhaps you didn't know that, if so I'm surprised after all your uncle was the first one on the scene , I made sure of that. Your latest movie however was amazing you really let yourself go. How proud I was to see that you captured the true essence of me. But alas still disappointed , you never turned out like i thought. My other victims children end up killing themselves. A hanging, overdose, murder suicides, arson, all are my favorites. A show just for me to watch and the police to archive. In fact you can say as much as I am honored I am also equally enraged. You have lingered long enough in the world it is time that you fade into black.

The chill that started in William's spine and quickly engulf his entire body. Tears roll down his face as he senses the hands circling his neck. As he puts up a struggle time stands still then fades into the past, time altered. He stays home with Vivian, eating breakfast and playing all day. Vivian embraces William in her arms and holds him tight kisses him and whispers I love you as he takes his last breath.



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