What's On The Other Side

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This is actually a dream i had for a few days that i thought to write down. please forgive the numberous I's, its still a work in progress

Submitted: May 18, 2012

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Submitted: May 18, 2012



So I had this dream last night. I am an old woman, my home is filled with all my accomplishments and adventures over the years. I am with the love of my life ready to head to bed. He kisses me good night and falls asleep. I shut my eyes knowing that I will never wake up again.When my eyes open I am in a hallway, the blue walls hold pictures representing moments of my life, some I love to repeat over and over again and others I wish to forget. As I go further into the hall some of the pictures become a blur, perhaps its my old age or maybe because its all a dream. As I enter the end of the hall I see a sky blue door with white trim and a larger pearl for a knob. For some reason I can't explain I turned around only to see a darkness, a black hole where my memories use to me.

Seeing that I had no choice I open the door. As is opened a stream of bright light passes before me. As my blindness dissipates I see a garden before me. Strange flowers unknown to me, each more beautiful, mysterious, and somehow dangerous than the last. After taking a few steps in the garden the door I entered shuts then slowly fades away. I panic feeling trapped run through the flowers not realizing that it moves around me and created a path. I stop to catch my breath just to realize I wasn’t breathing. For the first time since entering the garden I actually take a look around. The only logical question I had for myself was,”where am I?” Not another soul is around me. Flowers and trees but no birds and bees? No other animals for that matter, and for some odd reason I'm not scared. I continue to walk for what seems to be like hours before coming across anyone(or better yet anything) the resembles something familiar.

At first I thought it was a mountain, but then maybe a person.Confused I continue walking only to realize it was both. A dark skin man with black locs that flow down his neck and wraps around a pond wearing what I believe to be green pants that turn into grass and morphs into the garden that is before me. I try to get his attention but he seems to be entranced by the objects in the pond. I take a few steps forward, he looks at me with eyes the remind me of a sunset and tells me with a loud and yet soft voice, "You are allowed to ask me one question, choice wisely".

One question? Is he serious? Out of all the questions I have in my head I am only to ask one question? Can I ask for more questions like a person asking a genie for more wishes. I guessing the answer would me no, there goes my one question. I walk for what seems to be hours again. After awhile I gave up, if I am going to ask a question it would be the first thing on top of my head as soon as I get there. I return to the mysterious man quicker than I had expected. He looks at me with the same sunset eyes and says,"What is your question my child?"

I freeze, still my walk to clear my thoughts seems to have done nothing and more questions flow before me. Something bothered me for a second, why did he say my child? What reason would he have to say that? It all be came clear to be, where I was and why I was here, how I got here and the meaning of this world. It is not what I thought it to be nor what I heard it should look like. Looking at the man I ask my question, if he is who I think he is then the answer should be simple. I asked, “ What is the meaning of life?”

In my surprise he looks up, no sits up, and looks at me saddened and perplexed. This was not the response I was looking for. I feel the heat of anger flare up within me. As fast that is shows up it disappears. After I calmed myself I look ed up, he did not move and his expression never changed. He took a deep breathe and said, “You ask me the meaning of life. Well what meaning did you give it?” I looked at him with the same expression he gave me. What kind of answer is that? I closed my eyes and looked within myself for the answer I seek ,but all I see is a blank slate. I open my eyes andhe is back in his what I guess in his normal position.

I finally look in the pond. What could fixate him so much to stay in one spot? I inch forward to see the black pond was filled with stars and a blue sphere. The more I looked at the sphere the closer and larger it became until the pond became blue, what I thought where fish became clouds and the rocks at the bottom start to move and became forms I'm familiar with. I sinced a smile wrap around me and a mist form under me. Just before the mist consumes me I wake up to the sound of the radio alarm clock.

I am not sure what this means, if at all it means anything. I have had this dreamfor a few days now and yet each time leaves me no clues to this mystery. Could this mean a change or a fork in the road? Will the dream change if I change the question? All the dream does for me is to give me questions than answers. I guess I won't know for sure until I go on the other side. But right now I'm just not ready to go there I still have more of this side to see.

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