The Other Side Of Me.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just some thoughts.

Undulating sadness you have found me once again.

Your waves of disappointment crash upon me,

to remind me who I am.


I am breathing, but not getting any air,

My heart is beating, but no one seems to care.


In this big room of smiling faces,

you glare at me from the ground,

and keep my would be grin,

locked in this cement frown.


I am breathing but not getting any air,

My heart is beating but no one seems to care.


I try to pretend so others won't see,

that deep in my heart,

you have got me.


I am breathing, is this really air?

My heart is pounding, but no one seems to care.


I long for freedom

from this prison of dismay,

yet your grip holds me so tightly,

that I cannot run away.


I am breathing and yet there is no air,

my heart is beating, there is no one to care.


I want to feel the sun on my face,

and play in the rain,

I want to feel real joy,

along with this real pain.


I am breathing, but it's more like gasping for air,

my heart is drowning in my despair.


Oh unkind consciousness, 

why won't you let me dream?

Pull the veil over my eyes,

silence my desperate scream.


My traitorous body continues to breathe,

though my heart desperately wants to let go, it won't let me leave.


Let me win just once,

Let me have one day.

Let me know what victory feels like,

Let me have my way.



Submitted: June 21, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Coco Mechele. All rights reserved.

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