Beautiful strength

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this is for my best friend and how her strength inspired me to write this.

Submitted: April 26, 2013

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Submitted: April 26, 2013




you walked into my life so pure and so full of light , I knew it right that second that there was something different about you  , you sticked out it was hard not to notice you, you had this backbone that held you in the most flawless way ever , I admired your strength , how no one could get in your way , I never knew that you would be the one to change my world , don't you know that you made me strong to?

but deep inside underneath all that strong will and beauty , there was pain and there was hurt , you had so many scars and it killed me to watch you suffer , they kept trying to take that light inside your eyes , but you held your head up high , and held yourself together with a smile.

I know now , that YOU could get through anything , because no one else is like you , and you have what no one else has your beauty fills the room and everyone can see it except you , cant you tell how it makes them miserable? , they try to bring you down in every way possible and it kills me to watch them try to kill a masterpiece , no one would have gone through what you did and survive but you not only survived , you stayed strong and that is what I call perfection.

your going to keep going no matter how hard things get , your going to pick yourself back up and I am going to be there beside you to help you pick up the pieces.

your light wont fade , and you'll always be beautiful inside out , your my inspiration , you're the only one that keeps me going , and that is why ill always love you.

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