Betrayed trust

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Melody found herself one day standing in her old high school , surrounded by her old friends. as she watched them all betray her , as they stood watching her betrayal ,her kidnapping not bothering to help her. but why? , why did they all want to hurt her? , what did she do so wrong?

Submitted: June 11, 2014

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Submitted: June 11, 2014



he snatches me up , like the little rodent I am , he carries me into his arms , I do not approve of this act , I do not barley know the man. though familiar faces surround me , they stand still watching me. as if there gaining pleasure from such a violent act. I scream at them to rescue me , to offer me a hand but they just watch like I am the screen and my screams are sounds coming from a movie.

the strange man who they call Ronald bites on my neck , causing me unbearable pain , then I see him standing by also watching , jack , the boy that was supposed to care for me and I for him , we exchanged a few love encounters , here and there , I am relieved when I see his face , I scream his name "jack! , help me! make him put me down" but jack just stares at me as if I am a complete stranger to him , this pains me , all of this confuses me , what is happening here? in a place where I was surrounded by people I called friends , and a lover that won't even bother helping me.

but jack speaks with coldness in his eyes " well at least I saw you , at least you didn't do it willingly" he says to me then turns around and starts to walk away. this leaves me in a state of utter shock , why didn't he help me? , "WHY WONT ANYONE HELP ME" I screams as Ronald carries me out into the field , continuing to bite on me , I twitch and turn under him , like a warm being showered with salt. outside I see the rest of my friends , one of them being an old friend who I was not on speaking terms with , "derrick" I whisper , maybe derrick will help me , we spent so many days together , we've had so many good times together , but one mistake blew it all up , we were the best of friends , a kiss , ended it all.

derrick moves away from the group of people , and stands beside me and Ronald , he is a fingernail away from us . I wait , I do not want to speak to him and let go of my pride , so derrick also watches , but he stands closest to us then everyone else.

suddenly the man drops me , leaving me limp and screaming on the grass , no one comes to offer me a hand , just a hand , a kind gesture that someone cared was all that I needed , so I just stood up , the pain of my neck gnawing at me , eating me away.

in the corridor of the school a group of secretaries , looked at me asking if I was okay , I glare at them , cant they see my neck? shouldn't they be rushing to me and calling for medical help?

after all this is my old high school , although it looked different to me , maybe they had done some remodeling since I graduated , but how did I end up here? and why are most of the people that graduated still here?. I run into the bathroom rushing for the mirror , and then I scream , no wonder they asked if I was okay . I was bald , and my eyes were as red as a cherry , I looked down at the back of my neck and I saw it , a hideous bruise , that looked more like a infected burn. I looked around me , breathing hard , the room was spinning , and I was on the floor , drifting into silence.

I open my eyes and find myself staring at a pitch black ceiling , I can see light coming through from under the door. I was in some room , a really small one. I start to open my mouth to scream for help but then I stop myself , that hadn't gotten me anywhere before.

and so I start to get up , but the pain is unbearable , my legs refuse to stand , but like someone once said , if you can't walk crawl , and so I did , it took me three crawls and a half to reach the door , I peeked under , to see if there was anyone outside , I could hear voices , and see slight movements , I hear a foamier voice " keep her hidden we don't want her exposed , the others believed it was a game , but other people won't" jack said , then I hear another voice I know , " yeah but she's going to know something is up , when she doesn't wake up in her own room " it was derrick . those little bastards have been friends for a while , I doubt jack knew about what happened with me and derrick , he wasn't smart enough to figure it out. you see me and derrick made a little promise to each other when we had our little romantic incident , we promised to never tell a soul about it. but I told two should both who were my best friends , Sarah and Howard , they didn't judge , well maybe they did a little but oh well , me and derrick were both intoxicated when it happened and under the influence of that big old fucker called alcohol.

but why would derrick be a part of this? maybe revenge? , but for what ? for not speaking to him after what happened? , I shift my gaze down to the floor , frustrated and unable to think clearly , my mind was a foggy mess , had they given some sort of sedation drug?. guess I would never know , I hear footsteps coming near the door , and so I desperately start crawling back to the sheets where I had woken up , I didn't want them to know that I was awake , they would probably sedate me a little more. but I was too late the door was already open and jack was standing in front of me , with a playful smile on his face , his blue eyes icy , no longer warm like they were before when I used to lose myself in them.

"well look who just joined the land of the living once again" he said still smiling , that smile disturbed me , it was as if seeing me like this on the floor , weak and unprotected gave his endless pleasure. " yes , yes I'm back jack , now are you going to explain to me WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? i say to him screaming the last part. , jack turns around right when derrick had walked in ,oh derrick , I felt stupid for spending so much of my time missing our friendship , I looked at him , wondering if he will finally speak to me now , after months of exchanged gazes and silence. but he wouldn't even give me that satisfaction , he just hands jack a little wooden box and a candle , and right before he walks out he whispers to jack " do what you have to do , don't hesitate , don't let her trick you , she's just a dumb girl , this should be easy" , then he walks out shutting the door behind him.

i panic , " what does he mean do what you have to? , huh? , please talk to me jack why am I here and why am I bald , and why did Ronald bite me!" I scream at jack , but jack continues to smile , then his smile turns to a laugh , and he just says " there's no use in waiting your energy my love" then he bends down and kisses me , as he opens the box with his other hand and reaches for a shot , i was right! they were sedating me , " no! , no! please don't , why jack why?" i scream at him , but he was already inserting the needle into my arm. he gets up after and leaves me on the ground like a unwanted pet about to get put down , I start to get dizzy , and I felt the world start to slip away , but I heard him whisper " because you didn't let me love you" right before I fade out of conciseness once more.

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