Never love again

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when you know its time to move on ..

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



I wish that you just broke my heart , i wish that you just shattered my world apart .... but you always wanted more no matter how much you already had , you make music so sad when you look at me like we lost it all , babe i wish you only took my breath away , because now no matter what i do i love you is so hard to say , you left me here , standing alone , wanting more , you never looked back , i wanted you back , but you were busy looking forward , always forward , never back , and so this is where i will forever stand  alone i will never love again , my heart only belonged to you , i dident lie when i told you so , i live life , never seeing your face ever again , you erased me from your memory , like i was never there , like i meant nothing to you , like it was all one big illusion , a dream i was stuck in , now its my turn , i wont look back , i wont go dawn that road again , its hopeless , your not there , i know because i went all the way to the end of it way to many times hoping to see you one last time , but i never found anything , but until now , i still search , i still hope that one day we will meet again and you will remember when , i still hope that someday you'll wake up and realize that you belonged with me , but that is all useless now , now i am still here , a part of this world , but as long as i am in this world i know one thing ... i said it one and ill say it again , i will never love again after you , i had my fairytale even if it dident have a happy ending i lived the magical moments , i wore the glass slipper , i laughed , my heart exploded , but now here i am , i have non of that , and that is why i know one thing , i will live my life ... hiding my heart inside my chest , always swallowing the tears back at the mention of your name , always ignoring the pain .... but never again calling your name there's only now , and i will never love again .

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