Start living

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it doesent realy matter now .. if i burst into tears or into histarical laughter.. its all the same in this world ..

Submitted: May 18, 2011

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Submitted: May 18, 2011



-start living-

it doesent really matter now .. if i burst into tears or into hisstarcal laughter ... its all the same in this world , every once in a while your going to wake up feeling new and refreshed and optimistic to leave a mark on your life to make a differance ... your going to find yourself holding on to the simplest things ... just to feel safer and more seccur on the inside , but at the end you always see the truth , the dissastor , and then you'll go holding on to a pathetic hope all over again thinking that just maybe life has something special wrapped up in a box for you ... but that right now its hidden .. growing bigger and bigger , growing by the second ... you'll hold on to the fact that someday that magical gift that will make your world a better place will explode , and so whenever your feeling dawn you think of that coming day and somehow that gives you hope and faith to carry on living your misrable lives , but someday your going to have to wake up and laugh at yourselves for holding on to such pathetic and impossible facts and hopes and even dreams ... and for me that days today , i realize that ... life is nothing but a selfish bitch , it just has us here because it needs humans in order to be called a planet ... and that it wont ever even consider , wrapping up a little miracle for a particular someone .. lives so beyond that , and so please just help yourselves and cut that invisible string that your holding on to and for once just start living already!

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