I'll never let you go

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A natural disaster has put the town in poverty, and killing thousands of people. But just as things start to get better seven years later, there is the threat of an opposing army going to wipe the town out. Jack has to protect the woman he loves, but it costs at a great price.

Lisa and Toni were orphans. They lived by themselves even though Lisa was 16 and Toni was 9. They were both very skinny, but then again most people were nowadays. Ever since the great collapse people had gotten very thin. The great collapse was exactly that. A giant collapse of land which killed thousands of people, including Lisa and Toni's family. Lisa was 10 at the time and Toni was 3. Lisa didn't know how she had managed to look after Toni, but she did. She was very small at the time so she managed to slip in where no one could see her, and steal stuff. She knew it was wrong but she had t do something, she couldn't bear the thought of her wee sister starving to death. Everything was getting better now, but there was still the threat of the psychopathic kidnapper who escaped from jail when the great collapse happened.



Lisa woke up at the crack of dawn, like she did every morning, and went into the woods to find her fishing spear and went to the lake. Every day she did this, get up, get dressed, go into the woods, find the spear, go fishing, sell the fish at the market and go home to find Toni still sleeping. It was the same thing every day, she could do it while he was sleeping. Exept today was different. She had got to the house to check on Toni, but she wasn't there. Her first instinct was that she was already up,out with her friends maybe? But no. She wasn't anywhere. Not in her usual places anyway. Lisa was starting to freak out. Toni never went anywhere on her own. Had the kidnapper got her? Lisa decided to go to the guard and ask him to keep an eye out. She looked in Brians shop (which was a sweet shop), she even got her friend Jack to help her look. But they had searched everywhere when a traveling person came running in with a small body in his arms. He looked worried and he was screaming "someone help me! Where's the hospital?". It was Toni, in the man's arms. Lisa ran over to him, Jack folllowing her.

"What happened?" said Lisa frantically.

"I was walking along the road when i found her trying to fend of a wolf! I killed it though brought her here. Where's the hospital?". Said the man.

"We don't have one, our town's too poor. But i know what to do, pass her here", said Jack "I learned when i was in army training".

Jack carried Toni down to her house. Treated her with potions he had make with ingredients he had found, and eventually got her back to normal health after about a week. Then everyone who was in the army had to go and fight. Everyone was in a panic, they didn't know what to do. The town was being invaded!


The guards were trying to keep the opposite side out. But they were failing. Badly. They ad mannaged to kill alot of people. Then Lisa screamed. She was being carried away, by the invaders. Jack was trying to get to her, but he couldn't. "Look after Toni. Protect her!" Screamed Lisa. The invaders were dragging her away. There was nothing anyone could do to help. Jack had made his decision, he would get his mum to look after Toni and get his brothers and friends to help look for Lisa. He couldnt let her die. He just couldn't, she was his best friend, they had known each other forever. Since the day they were born.


They were getting ready to go and find her. Knives in there pockets, armour on their backs. They walked for hours wen they finally heard a noise. Like a few soldiers marching. Then they realised that there was a camp up ahead. That was when they spotted her. She was walking aroung a cage, but it was locked.  They were going to have to kill all of them to get to her. They weren't going to manage it, but they had to try. They couldn't let her die.


Jack went in first, then the rest followed. They had come up with a plan. Brian and a couple of the other shopkeepers would enter the campsite and distract the soldiers, while Chris who was one of Jacks youngedt brothers- who was also the smallest- would sneak over to the soldier and steal the key. They would then unlock the cage, let Lisa out and atempt t escape. It probably wouldn't be that easy but they were going ahead with it anyway.


Brian and the others went in, alot of the soldiers left to see what was going on, the plan was working. Next Chris went to get the key to open the gate. Everything was working ut well. They had gotten Lisa out of the cage. Jack gave Lisa a quick hug and then he whispered something in her ear that she couldn't make out. There was gunfire, no one knew what had happened to Brian and the others, they had to go back and find them. Jack and Lisa split of from Chris and Jack's other brothers and told them to go and get help. That's when Lisa spotted one of the shopkeepers lying on the ground in his own blood, bullet to his brain. She gave a gasp, and all of a sudden Jack jumped forward and killed one of the soldiers.


Brian and the shopkeepers had done well to kill most of them, there was only a couple left. Then they heard crunching of leaves behind them and they swung round. It was just Brian, he put his finger to his lips to tell them to be quiet, then pointed. They followed his gaze to see a soldier standing over the body of annother of the shopkeepers. So they were all dead. They had died trying to save her. But why? It was like Brian was reading her mind because just at that moment Brian said in a very quiet voice "we promised your father that we would protect you and your sister if anything was to happen to them if they died." He gave a slight smile and Lisa felt herself go pink. But she didn't have any time to thank him because an arrow hit the soldier in the back, just as he turned to face them. He gave an crockey laugh as he pulled the trigger of his own gun. Lisa couldn't beleve it. The bullet hit Jack in the heart and he fell to the ground. Lisa screamed. The bloog was pouring out of him wound and coming out of his mouth. She tryed to get to him but Brian tryed to hold her back although he wasn't successful.


She cradled him in her arms as he looked into her eyes and took his last breath. The war was over. The soldier that killed Jack was the last one. At that moment Lisa realised two things. The first was that Jacks brothers had managed to get help, that's who had shot the last soldier with the arrow. The second was the thing that Jack had whispered in her ear. He had said "I would never have forgiven myself if something had happened to you. I love you." Lisa started to cry. The person she loved most in the world was gone. And she would never forgive herself.

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Emma Watson Girl

Pretty fair peice of writing you just did nice job

Sat, May 19th, 2012 7:20pm


Thank you :)

Sat, May 19th, 2012 1:43pm

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