You want disenfranchised with that?

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Ramblings for the disenfranchised

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



On Sidewalks and and in hypocritical halls Whispers the lies are passed.
Hungry mouthes suckle their mad dog whilst the fattened happy are gassed.
Accented by fake sunshine, scorched in the glare.
Brooklyn, Jersey City, Afghanistan they purchase tickets for the aristocratic minstrel show.
First class baby, speedball in the vain, allay the brain, morality baggage to stow.
Feed me bitch, cram it down my cocksucker, make us full!
I 'll digest it and return it, as it came say...mirrored "fecal bull"?
0n 9-11 a billion points of light began laser tattoo removal of a billion's hopefull nights.
They found a foot on a roof 1,000 days away, bleaching in testament of how they waste our day.
Mistake is not one till we fail to take measures to correct it, I got a ruler for you rulers, c'mon and get corrected.
Lennon gunned down, Kennedy sprayed on his wife, shadows in Hiroshima they all speak to them.
Politicians are savages, and their hot tub with Bugs Bunny is for the masses.
look at the steel, closely to see the deal carted away to china no squeal piggy squeal
If you look into the other evils heart all you will see is the cage,
transparent flippancy rues our day
Calloused thumbed children, imprisoned, ironicaly with the keys in their hands,
Life is under the settings tab, have you remembered to farm your lands?
An avatars alter ego smiled at me today, I think he was gay.
Offered up on our alter tonite, step on up dont be shy,
Have another moccha, you twit, it goes good with your tofu.
The president will entertain you all, NBA lockout? not on his watch.
Fund his reinsertion, HealthScare, your Bills to large, thats ok, he can
make change.
Occupy wall street? I thought we occupied ALL streets?
Thanks to Facebook Social Standing has been knocked down.
The Hulk Is queer! another succubus rants, in an effort to shock your RFID'd ex presidents into visiting her bamk account so she can hire a nanny for her fiance
Fuel for the house, and for your car, just more for the fires.
While an American prisioner in Iran pleads for notice, J Lo's collection of rings grows again
But wait a pillaging of the media, outsmarted by Kardashian?
Did you know the miltary uses Drones to survail you?
Its not like we have better things to spend our taxes on
Get your mark be ready for the rapture, all you need is a credit card and ID
The book of Life is now protected by Captcha.
Pack up, Roll up medicinal Pot is the new prozac, Blazed and sinking until the cavalry comes, glad Fema was here(even if they brought 1 million body bags with them) they can tell us what to do: get out of the dangerzone. Or in to the no spin zone, hey Bill O's looking out for you!
Lincoln united a nation, only to watch it splinter.
Time for a tea party, The Madd Hatter Glenn Beck is off drinking again,
Is it Doomsday Drab flavored Cool Aid this time? Unemployment High, The Arches are Higher ring, "You Want disenfranchised with That" ?

JK Peragine

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