Sendai Magnitude 9.0

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Yamamoto Takashi was a normal single father living in japan. But on March 11th 2011, everything change. This short is thrilling and will keep you on the edge of your seat up until the very last word!

This is a short story i wrote as a senor in high school, back in the day. Not part of my main series. Just stand alone story.

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013




Sendai Magnitude 9.0

By: Cody Bennett



In today’s world there are a lot of people who work so hard, they no longer have time for the simple things, such as putting in time with the family, or just enjoying life. That is exactly how Takashi Yamamoto is. All his life he worked hard, so he could give his family the best, but this causes him to have no time to get to know them, or grow with them.

Yamamoto is a business man who works for a small up in coming game company called Power Games. He lives alone with his daughter, whose mother had died two years ago. His daughter, Takashi Nasaki had left on the foreign exchange program about a week ago, for America.

The day was Friday, March 11th of 2011. It was a nice day out; everything was running as usual in Sendai, Japan. Yamamoto was late for a big meeting with Sony.

“Move, get out of my way. I’m late,” Yamamoto said as he ran down the hall on the top floor of the building he works, headed for an important meeting about Power Games merging with Sony.

Yamamoto saw the door to the room where a lot of very important people were being kept waiting. His best friend, Yuudai Fudo, was standing at the door looking everywhere for him. Fudo caught eye of Yamamoto, “You’re late, where have you been?”

“I know I know, traffic was terrible, are they upset?”

“It’s not too bad right now,” Fudo looked in the window at the men, “Just get in there already.” Without another word Yamamoto rushed into the room.

“So sorry everyone, I’m not going to try and make excuses, it’s my fault.”

“It’s okay Yamamoto, please just get on with the presentation,” A man that looked to be in his eighties said, he looked to be out of breath.

“Okay well, first thank you all fo-,” Yamamoto was cut off, when suddenly the room started to shake. They had all been through earthquakes before and knew what to do.

Everyone got under the table, Yamamoto looked up to see Fudo just standing there, “Fudo, over here, under the table.”

Fudo started to run for the table, but the power of the shacking building kept knocking him over. Yamamoto got up and started to run over to try and help him get to the table. That’s when the power of the quake picked up. Suddenly the world around them was shaking like nothing they had ever felt in their lives.

Yamamoto kept trying to crawl forward to his best friend. CRACK. The sound came from the floor between Fudo and Yamamoto. Yamamoto suddenly remembered hearing that this building was build a long time ago, before they were made to withstand earthquakes.

Yamamoto looked up to see a long crack in the floor between them. Suddenly the side of the building Fudo was on began to break away, and slowly sink lower. Yamamoto’s eyes opened wide as he realized what was about to happen. Fudo looked Yamamoto directly in the eyes, “Guess my times up.”

As if on cue Fudo’s half of the building collapsed to the ground, Yamamoto watched as his best friend hurtled to his death. He was over come with more emotion than he had ever felt. He couldn’t move do to the shock. A hand grabbed his shoulder, “We have to go now, the rest of this buildings coming down soon. There is a back way out.”

As adrenaline and the will to live rushed through his body, he stood. It was hard, the world was still shaking. He looked back to see people running into the hallway, he ran in their direction, tripping on the way.

When he finally made it out of the room to the back door he saw everyone was pushing into one small elevator. He went for it, but just before he stepped in the elevator lurched downward a few feet. Before the people onboard had time to realize what was happening the elevator broke loose from its cables with everyone in it. It immediately dropped. Screams erupted from the falling lift.

“No, this can’t be happening,” Yamamoto said in disbelief. “Stairs, I need stairs.”

He turned and ran for the stairs. He kicked through the door and started down the flights as fast as he could. He made it to the bottom, completely out of breath. He ran to the first window he saw, the glass has broken out it. He jumped out into the street. At the same time the remaining part of the building crashed down behind him. He kept running to get away so he wouldn’t be crushed.

Once he thought he was far enough away he hit the ground with his hands over his head, at that same moment, the quake stopped, and the earth seemed to stand still. He didn’t move at first, he was taking it all in. His best friend was dead. Everything he thought was important this morning no longer mattered.

He layed there that way for a good twenty minutes. He didn’t want to move, you didn’t want to face what had happened to his world. Until he remembered one thing hadn’t changed.

Yamamoto pulled out his cell phone to see that it still had signal, the cell tower must still be intact. He dialed the number and waited silently. She didn’t answer at first, but he didn’t give up hope. She may have hated him, be right then that didn’t matter.

The phone stopped ringing; there was a long pause, “Dad?”

“Nasaki. Listen, I know that last time we talked wasn’t pleasant. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have sent you to too America.

“You think,” She said sarcastically.  

“There was just an earthquake,” Takashi spoke. “Maybe twenty minutes ago.

“What? Are you serious? Is everything okay?”

He set up and looked around. He was a lot of ruble, a ton of buildings fell. A lot of people were probably dead. “No I don’t think so. It was big, very big. I’m sure a lot of people are dead.”

“Oh my god!” she said, dumbfounded.

“A tsunami, we both know there’s probably one coming. I hope not. But just in case, I love you!”

“No, dad wai-” He hung up the phone as started running for his car, which was somehow still intact. He jumped in and saws an old man walking by.

“Hey, come on, there’s probably a tsunami coming.”

“Oh, I know boy, don’t worry, I want to die with my home.”

He didn’t question, he knew he needed to get to higher ground. He started his car up and headed down the road. He wondered how much time he had. On the way he saw tons of bodies and people that have just given up trying, many were injured.

Off in front of him he saw a young girl about the age of his daughter limping. He immediately thought of Nasaki. He pulled the car up next to her and stopped. He quickly jumped out and ran up to her.

“Come on, we need to go,” He tried to grab her, but all she did was point past him. He turned to see it. The tsunami was already looming over the city; he knew he was too late. He knew he was going to die, here and now.

He thought of his daughter, his only true family. “God!” He screamed out. “I know I have never been the best person in this life, and we haven’t talked much, but please I have one wish.”

He stood up looking straight at death headed his way. He put his arms out, “God, please let my daughter live a better life without me! That’s all I ask!” He screamed. The little girl behind him grabbed his leg, she was shaking.

A final tear dropped from Yamamoto’s eye. Just before he faced death, he smiled. He didn’t think of the terrible things that had happened in the last hour, or ever in his life. He thought of his daughter, and everything that made his life worth living.

Suddenly he felt like he had been hit with a brick wall. He thought his final thought; I lived a good life, and moved on to the next world.

© Copyright 2018 Cody Bennett. All rights reserved.

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