Troy Towers and Igor's Goblet

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
One of Troy Towers first adventures. A young treasure hunter and his crew go after a treasure that was long believed to be lost forever.

Just a random short story. The whole story is only one scene.

Submitted: April 16, 2013

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Submitted: April 16, 2013




Troy Towers


Igor’s Goblet


Bang! Bang! Shots whizzed pass Troy Towers as he ducked behind a large gray pillar. After years of searching, this was it; he had finally found the lost treasure of Igor Dias Ribeiro. The only problem was it looked like someone else found it first.

Towers looked over to David Storms, his oldest friend. He was standing directly across from Towers hidden behind another pillar. As shots continued to fly between them, Storms nodded his head to tell him he was ready whenever he was.

As if on cue, a grenade was thrown from the entrance to the large treasure room directly behind Towers and Storms. As it flew between them Towers smiled, everything was working out perfectly.

A second after the grenade hit the ground, the shooters took cover, not that it mattered since there was no explosion. Smoke hissed from the butt of the grenade and quickly filled the area the shooting was coming from. “Now!” Towers screamed. At the same time he jumped out from cover, followed by Storms. They both pulled out their guns, dual pistols for Storms, and an AK47 for Towers. They took aim and pulled the triggers.

The clips unloaded on the giant glass and gold chandelier that hung from the stone celling. The room exploded with sound as the glass began to break and rain down into the smoke below, where the enemy was sitting. Bloodcurdling screams erupted from within the smoke. Proof their plan was a success, but just to be sure they continued unloading until finally. Crack! The giant chandelier was breaking away from the stone structure from which it hung. Crack! That was the end of it; the chandelier broke away and violently dropped to the floor.

Towers and Storms stopped shooting. The only sound that could be heard was a loud crash as the glass and gold hit the ground. After five seconds, all was quiet and the show was over.

“Good thing Ribeiro was a big fan of glass and gold,” Shane Demarco yelled as he ran through the entrance of the treasure room. He stopped when he got up to where Towers and Storms were standing.

“What took you so long with the smoke grenade? We could have been shot,” Storms complained.

“Heck, you made it didn’t you? You ask me, I’d say you’re lucky I’m here.”

Towers stepped between them. “Take it easy guys, let’s just hope shooting the chandelier down just took care of the guys who were trying to kill us, and didn’t destroy the treasure.”

Bang! A shot flew past them, scraping Demarco’s arm and hitting the far wall behind them. They looked up at the smoke to see it was clearing. The sound of glass crunching under powerful steps echoed through the room. A man stepped out of the smoke. He was covered in blood and limping. In his hand was a single pistol.

“You think you can kill my men like that?” The man spoke through coughs. “This is where you die, Towers!”

The man took aim and pulled the trigger. Crack! The bullet hit the ground exactly where Towers was sanding. He had jumped and rolled back to the pillar. With him was Demarco. Storms was back behind the other pillar.

“This guy knows you,” Demarco said.

“Come on,” The man taunted. “The great treasure hunter Troy Towers wouldn’t just hide like this! Come out! Face me!”

“Looks like he does,” Towers said. He peaked out from behind the pillar to get a good look at him. “I don’t know him though.”

Demarco laughed, “I guess you’re making a name for yourself huh.”

Bang! Bang! Two shots hit the pillar they were hiding behind, sending shrapnel flying. “Just come out and die! You know there’s nowhere to run.”

“Hey!” Storms shouted. “He isn’t the only one here!” He had come out from behind his pillar. He must have been out of ammo because he didn’t have his guns out. This was Towers’ chance. Storms was distracting the guy for him, a risky move. All Towers needed to do was get one shot off on this guy. He pointed his gun out from behind the pillar.

Bang! Storms rolled out of the way, just dodging the bullet from the man’s gun. Towers’ gun had jammed, great timing. There was no time to think about it, he threw down his gun and ran for the man.

He reached him without being noticed, pulled back, and hit him square in the nose. The guy stepped back, shocked. Blood started to run out of his nose. Without hesitation, Towers jumped up and kicked the gun out of his hand. When he landed back on the ground he continued down, put his leg out, and swept it under the guy, knocking him off his feet. The man fall hard, his head hit the ground and bounced. He was out.

“You couldn’t have shot him?” Storms asked.

“I tried. Gun jammed.”

Demarco walked between them, “Look.” He said, staring out into the treasure room.

It was gold. Coins, statues, lamps, everything was gold, and glass. Along with all the treasure was broken glass and blood. It was everywhere. “Looks like the chandelier plan was a major success,” Storms said as he stepped over a very cut-up body.

“Who do you think these guys were?” Demarco asked.

Towers looked at them but there wasn’t much to see. Tons of glass and gold falling on a person’s head woudl do that. “Who knows. They were probably just people looking for the treasure. It’s too bad they had to lose their lives. If they wouldn’t have been trying to kill us, I would have been more than happy to give them the treasure.”

Storms shot him a look. “What do you mean, give them the treasure? Are you crazy?”

“Calm down David, you know we aren’t here for this treasure,” Demarco said.

“That’s right,” Tower smiled. “All we want is Igor Dias Ribeiro’s pure Crystal Goblet. Next to that, all this gold is worthless.”

They looked around a bit. “All I see is gold and glass and none of them are goblets,” Storms said.

He was right, they may have been surrounded by riches, but as far as Towers could see, the true treasure wasn’t there.

“You think someone else got it before us?” Demarco asked what was on everyone’s mind.

Towers picked up a hand full of gold and ran it through his fingers. “No way, if someone else were here, all this gold would be long gone.”

“Well than where’s the bloody goblet, mister famous treasure hunter?” Storms asked, sounding impatient.

Towers looked around the large room. The only light came from the flashlights they had attached to their hips, and the lights the people they killed had set up before they got there. It didn’t look like the goblet was there. Was this another fake lead? Was this really where Igor Dias Ribeiro hid his treasures, or was this some other treasure room?

That’s when he saw them—deep red eyes. They were on the far side of the room, past all the gold. They seemed to glow as they reflected the light from his flashlight. He quickly ran to the eyes, the whole way broken glass crunched beneath his shoes.

Once there he noticed the eyes were dark red rubies. They had been stuck in the head of a golden life sized statue. It was stuck into the wall. It looked almost human, only it had six arms. The arms were all folded across the statues chest. “Guys look at this.”

Storms and Demarco joined Towers at the statue. “So what? It’s just another golden statue,” Storms said.

“Look closer.”

After a moment Demarco jumped. “The arms,” He said. “Look at the arms, they have joins in them, and you can see scrape marks on the chest.”

“Exactly! The arms move. Sounds like a good lead to me.” Towers said. Storms reached out and pulled one of the arms. It moved. They all grabbed an arm and started pushing them away from the chest of the statue. Lucky for them, they all moved, sitting in an opening in the chest, was the goblet.

Made of pure transparent crystal, it was truly a site to behold. Towers grabbed it; it was cold. He lifted it up, took his flash light and shined the light on it. As the light flowed through the goblet it was broken up and came out as a rainbow on the other side. “The legends say this goblet is where all color comes from,” Towers laughed.

Without warning the goblet shattered into a million pieces. Towers eyes went wide. What had happened? He had finally found Igor Dias Ribeiro’s Pure Crystal Goblet, only for it to fall apart in his hands.

“That’s what you get, for killing my men.” A voice cut through the air. It was the man from before; he was knocked out, not anymore. In his hand was the gun he had dropped. What had happened suddenly became very clear; the man had shot the goblet. He destroyed Igor Dias Ribeiro’s greatest treasure.

Anger filled up in Towers. He couldn’t accept what had happened. “D-Do you have any idea what you’ve just done!” He shouted. He felt as though his world was crumbling. Without thinking he dropped his flash light to the ground and grabbed Demarco’s gun from him. With no hesitation he pointed it at the man, and pulled the trigger several times.

As bullets ripped through the man, blood flew everywhere. Finally the clip on the hand gun ran out, but Towers kept pulling the trigger. Storms grabbed his arm. “That’s enough Troy! You got him!” He couldn’t believe what just happened, in all his life, he had never seen Troy Towers act this way. He wasn’t a killer.

He dropped the gun and walked away from his two partners. “Don’t be upset. We still have the rest of the treasure,” He said trying to make the other two feel better about what had happened. “Go ahead and start bagging it up, I’m sick of being here.”  Years of his life were taken up by trying to find that goblet. Now it was gone.

For the first time since his uncle died, a tear ran down Troy Towers face.



Thanks for reading Troy Towers first one shot! I hope everyone enjoyed it! More from the life of Troy Towers coming soon!


Cody Bennett

© Copyright 2020 Cody Bennett. All rights reserved.

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