Apple of My Eye/Needle in My Eye

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Passion. Sex. Guilt.

Submitted: December 30, 2012

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Submitted: December 30, 2012




What was that?

Oh, it was just that...

It doesn't do any good sitting here lolling my head about but I'm not sure what else I can do. Black and blue and shades of red too.

I bet...

I bet I can make it all just disappear if I just have one more...

The four walls are bad enough as it is but the four sets of eyes just... Staring at me are worse. The deep indigo weaving through my veins pumping fantasies that can never be intensify the longing for something better.


Jesus! That was just me... I should relax. Something bad could happen when we don't relax and smell the flowers.

Chocolate and roses were her favorite but godammit you don't get any desserts unless you fucking pay attention when I'm talking to you!

I'm sorry...

The road opens up before us and we can wish away all of this. I can cradle your head while the blood seeps and you'll smile and weep with me while we have a laugh about it all years from now. Only there wont be any years from now. Only days before now.


It doesn’t even matter... The sounds. The silence... Have you ever heard silence before? It slices your ear drums to pieces and beats the inside of your head with a sledge hammer until the only thing left to do is just... Well open your head up and let the sound come gushing out.

But it can be all better soon. I wont be here and you wont be there anymore and... and the sun will rise and we can have children! And... and a big house with the picket fence and everything! But you can't be pretty all black and blue like that!

That's not true...

Even black and blue you're the apple of my eye, the needle in my eye...

Needle in my eye...

Needle in my...

Needle in...


The needle...

The bottle...

The bottle is empty and filled with gray and sneering at me, knowing that I want more but just not letting me have just one more for Christ's sake!


The bottle is empty but the four walls and the four sets of eyes and five fingers reaching out to poke around in my skull and the needle in my eye...

The Bible says that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. What about a rich woman? We could be rich and eat all the grapes that Hell has to offer. Or maybe just me.

A pretty face like that...

Wouldn't do much good sitting by a bus stop with a brown paper bag and cans with a pretty face like that. Something bad could happen. Unless I got to you first...

But then again, I did happen. And then you... Only days before now.


Yeah... That's better... Much better...

But what about Mr. Paws and Piper? I'll pull their fucking heads off... Fuckers!

You swam away from me, a little dolphin the ocean but I had a net and tangled you up in me and me in you... In and out... I know that wasn't everything but... But...


You looking at me with those big beautiful...


Helpless while we fucked... More so me than you... You weren't even there half the time...


But you're here now... Hair... Flowing like honey down succulent lips... Lips that wrap around and suck the marrow out of my bones... Bones is all I'll be soon... But not before you. You... and me.


No! Please no! Stay away! I love you but if you're going to look at me like that then... Then... No! Your skin feels different... Like wax... Cold and droopy as you press my face to your bosom... Squeezing... Pressing... Just let me go! I won't let you go though but take your claws off of me!


Aren't I supposed to have a moment of clarity in all of this? Come to a better understanding? Aren't I supposed to just drift off peacefully and float?


It wasn't supposed to go like this! Take your mouth off of me!


Suddenly it all made sense to me.

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