Bliss/Wedding Day

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Everyone's idea of perfect is different...

Submitted: December 19, 2012

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Submitted: December 19, 2012



Bliss. Such a simple definition by meaning, but so difficult to achieve. Dave had never felt bliss. He had never tasted it upon his lips, nor heard it whisper his name. But when he ran his fingers through Lily's silky blonde hair, he knew that's what bliss felt like. Her lake blue eyes and crystalline smile seeped into anyone and everyone who saw her. No one could stop themselves from smiling back and lighting up when they were in her presence. Her gown flowed along her body like water, accenting her every curve, and when she peered back at everyone behind her bride's veil, the laughter that played across her face told them all that she knew they all wished they were as happy as her and Dave.


Perfection wasn't without its flaws however.


She couldn't tell him she loved him or wrap her arms around him to comfort him. But she could still sense when Dave was upset or needed someone there for him. And that was the important part to him. Even though she might be cold to the touch, and her smile could never be weighed down no matter how heavy the grief, she was still his and he was still hers. Just because her most intimate moment, her wedding day, was thrust out for whomever might be passing by to see... Those few precious, raw moments that Dave shared with her as he closed the store down every night... No one could ever share that, and no one could ever take that away.


He straightened her wig and dusted her down until he was satisfied and met her lake blue gaze for the last time til tomorrow. Someday he thought to himself. Someday.



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