"Lost In The Stacks"

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Danny loves to read crime and mystery novels. Little did he know that his life was about to become a horror story.

Submitted: September 02, 2013

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Submitted: September 02, 2013



“Lost In The Stacks”

By Cody Williams


“Hi Danny! How can I help you this fine evening?” Nathan Carter, the school librarian said to one of his regular customers Danny Morris. Danny was the rare kid who loved to read. Danny was a short ten year old little boy. He had short brown hair and wore glasses. He had a love for reading books, something that was really rare with boys that age. His favorite stories were The Hardy Boys, a series of crime mystery novels.

“Hi Mr. Carter! I’m just here to check this book back into the library!” Danny happily told Nathan. Nathan was about fifty years old. He had short blonde hair and a blond mustache. He was wearing big glasses that would periodically droop down to the edge of his slightly oversized nose.

Nathan grabbed the novel and pressed the bar code site of the book up against the scanner to check it back into the library’s records. He placed the book back onto the counter and opened up the back cover of the book placing the check out card back in the back flap. Nathan took the book and placed it into the return bin and turned back to Danny.

“I assume, that you will be checking out another book. Am I right Danny?” Nathan asked the young boy. Danny looked up at Nathan.

“I sure am Mr. Carter!” Danny said happily while nodding.

“Well, you know where they are don’t you?” Mr. Carter said pointing at two double doors across from him. Danny nodded and proceeded to walk towards the double doors.

“Thanks Mr. Carter!” Danny said turning back at Nathan.

“No problem at all my dear boy! And try not to get lost!” Nathan said waving at Danny. Danny looked at him confused and the shook his head.

“Oh, I won’t” Danny said turning around and opening the double doors. He walked through the two double doors into a stairway. It was unbelievable hot in the stairway. Bullets of sweat began poring down the young face of Danny. Danny placed his hand on his forehead and whipped off the sweat. It was so hot that just standing there in that heat was enough to denigrate anyone. Danny shook it off and began to walk down the first flight of stairs. Then he walked down another, and then another. With each step he walked down it became darker and darker while becoming hotter and hotter.

After walking down what seemed like millions of stairs, Danny finally reached the basement floor where many of the books were stored. He had a strange feeling that came over him. It was a mixture of paradise and fear.

Danny loved books. He loved everything about them. From the smell of the pages to the adventure they take you on. But there was something different. This time he could fell that he was not alone. He shook it off and walked to shelf number 800, his favorite mystery and crime section.

He began searching for his favorite The Hardy Boys and ran his finger across every book spine on the shelf looking for the right one. He continued searching until he heard a rumble from one of the corners in the room. Danny leaped back and turned around forcing his back towards the bookshelf.

“Who’s there?” Danny asked with fear. No answer. Danny sighed and turned back around to the bookshelf and continued searching. “There was no noise! There was nothing there! I am just letting my imagination get the best of me that’s all.” Danny said to himself. He began running his finger through the spines of the book again until hearing another crash coming from the corner once more. Danny leaped back again and began looking around him.

“What was that?” He thought to himself. “What would the Hardy Boys do? They would investigate!” He said to himself as he slowly walked to the end of the row. The weather in the basement became more tropical with every step he took towards the end of the row. When he reached the end of the row, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He gulped and opened his eyes back up. He turned to his right and slowly walked into the next row. He gasped and threw himself up against the wall.

He was extremely surprised with what he saw. It was as if he was no longer in the library, but now was in a jungle. In the row there was tall grass and large leaves reaching out waiting to grab somebody by the arm. The bushes and trees began to jiggle around as something was move inside of them.

“Hello?” Danny asked unsure of what he might be in there. “Mr. Carter, is that you?” Danny asked. Whatever was in the bushes stopped moving. Danny was sure to remain motionless because he was afraid that the figure in the bushes was listening.

After about five minutes of being motionless, the figure in the bushes began moving around again. Danny sighed and began walking through the row of bushes and tall grass. With every step he took followed a crunch that disturbed the beast in the bushes. After every step Danny would stop moving and wait for the creature to began moving again before continuing.

As he got closer his heat began beating faster and faster. After he finally reached the about halfway down the row where the figure was moving he turned to face it. He could began to feel his heart beat through his fingers as he reached out to the leaves of the bushes and pulled them aside revealing an ape like creature with razor sharp teeth that were about an inch and a half long each. The creature opened his mouth and growled at Danny.

Danny leaped back and looked into the cat eyes of the creature. When looking into the eyes of the beast he saw what he believed was the depths of hell. Danny turned away from the beast and let out a loud scream. The beast let out a loud screech. Danny began to run away from the beast and the beast followed.

Danny ran through row after row. He could hear the beast behind him as it became closer and closer. The weird thing about the library basement now was that it was now not just row 801 that was a jungle, but all of them. He felt as if he was no longer in the library but in a deserted rain forest. He could hear the beast growl with anger as he began to get closer and closer to the young boy.

“Where am I? I am lost! Lost it the stacks!” Danny screamed out. “Mr. Carter helps me! Please!” Danny screamed out hoping to get someone’s attention. The longer Danny ran the more of the creature he saw. He finally realized that he was not alone. That it was not just he and the creature, but he and the creatures. Nearly hundreds of them, maybe even hundreds of thousands of them. What were they? Danny didn’t know. The best he could tell was that they were some kind of ape like creatures with a thirst of blood. Some sort of species that hasn’t been discovered yet.

He continued running until it felt as if he has been running for hours and he finally reached the bottom of the stairs. He tripped and fell onto the steps and landed on the shoes of non other than Nathan Carter.

“Mr. Carter! Thank God it’s you!” Danny said thankfully. Nathan reached down and grabbed Danny by the arms pulling him up to his feet.

“I heard you screaming. What the hell is going on?” Nathan asked Danny.

“Mr. Carter, there are things in the stacks. They are waiting for me.” Danny said as he pointed his trembling finger towards the forest.

“What kind of things?” Nathan asked him.

“I don’t know. Some sort of ape like monsters.” Danny said.

“Oh. You foolish child.” Nathan said with a smirk on his face.

“It’s true!” Danny said with anger. Nathan reached up to his face and began to pull it off like a mask. It revealed a pale old man with a black beard and long black hair reaching about two inches past his shoulders. He ripped off his white button up shirt and his kacky plats revealing a black t-shirt, black blue jeans and black leather boots. He reached over to the coat hanger beside of him and grabbed a long black leather trench coat and a black had. He put on the black trench coat and put the hat on top of his head. He looked down at Danny and handed him an evil smile.

“Of course it true Danny! Of course it is!” Nathan said to Danny with a snotty evil voice. “They are my children, and they depend on me.” Nathan said as his eyes began to glow bright red as he turned around and began walking back up the concrete stairs.

“Mr. Carter no! Please!” Danny cried trying to hold onto Nathan’s feet. Nathan knocked him off and continued to walk up the stairs. “Mr. Carter! No! I’ll do any thing you want!” Danny promised prior to hearing the door shut and lock at the top of the stairs.

The creatures began to reappear from the bushes and walk towards Danny.

“No! No! No!” Danny cried out as the creatures circled around him, their stomachs began to growl, and they began to moisten their lips.


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