"The Fog On The Windshield"

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After thinking she was alone, the windshield in front of her began to fog up.

Submitted: September 01, 2013

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Submitted: September 01, 2013



“The Fog On The Windshield”

By Cody Williams


Tammy Emmett opened her eyes and looked over at the alarm clock that read 5:45. She sat up in bed with panic and grabbed the clock.

“Shit! I got to go! I am going to be late.” She said to her husband Red, who was lying in the bed next to her. She had to be at work by 6:00. Tammy was a middle-aged woman with an average body type. She had short curly black hair and was leathery tan. She stood up from the bed and walked over the dresser on the other side of the bedroom. She pulled open the top drawer of the dresser and pulled out her typical silky white granny panties and put them on. She then took off her red nightshirt and threw it onto the floor.

Then she opened up the bottom drawer of the dresser and reached into it pulling out a white turtleneck. She put it on and walked over to the bedside next to her husband. She kissed him on the cheek and hugged waking him up.

“Drive safely and have a good day honey!” Red said as he hugged her then rolled back over to drift off to sleep. Red has about six feet and five inches tall and was quite muscular. He had a shaved and bigger than average sized ears. She stood up from the bed and walked over to the bedroom door and walked out it. She walked down the dark hallway to the staircase leading to the kitchen.

She walked down the stairs, into the kitchen, and over the cabinet drawers next to the refrigerator. She opened it and gabbed a Quaker Oat Meal To Go and walked over to the door leading to the garage. She walked in the garage and over to her blue colored Chevrolet Blazer SUV and put the key in the keyhole and unlocked the door. She opened the door and got into the SUV.

She reached over to buckle the seat belt and she started the SUV. She opened the garage door and backed out of the garage. She backed out of the driveway and put the SUV into drive. She began to drive down the road when she noticed that a strange fog covered the entire windshield. It was as if someone else was in the car before she got in. She reached over to the dash and turned on the defroster and waited for the fog to fade off of the windshield.

“What the hell? How could the windshield be fogged up? I am the only one in the car! Aren’t I?” She asked herself. She could hear something rattling and moving in the car. It sounded like two rats fighting for food. She pulled the SUV off of the road onto the emergency lane and put it in park.

She paused for a moment before slowly turning her head to the back seat of the SUV. She looked in the seat and in the floorboard only to find nothing. Her heart began to beat faster and faster.

“If there is someone in the car, they must be in the back.” She thought to herself. She opened the door and walked to the rear of the SUV. She placed her hand on the handle of the trunk door and waited for a moment. She took in a deep breath. She felt as if her heart was going to explode out of her chest. Her hands began to sweat nervously. She opened the rear door and leaped back knowing that there was going to be someone backs there. Nothing.

She whipped sweat off of her fore head in relief. She took in another deep breath and slammed shut the rear door. She began walking back to the front of the SUV and opened the front door. She got in the front seat and closed to door. She noticed once more that fog covered the windshield. She couldn’t understand why if there was nobody else in the car.

She looked into the rear view mirror revealing a navy blue blanket laying in the back seat. There was something strange with it. She noticed that peaking out of the bottom of the blanket were two cat eyes staring back at her. She felt her heart beat hard once again as she turned and reached to the back seat and grabbed the blanket. He screams of terror could be heard throughout the darkness that is night.


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