From the Dark

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Waking up in complete darkness can be confusing, especially when you are six feet underground.

Submitted: July 01, 2015

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Submitted: July 01, 2015



Dark.... When I woke up there was nothing but dark.

I could feel my eyes were open, well kind of at least, I had to open and close them a couple of time in order to make sure. It felt as though my skin was electrified, it was tingling all over as if my body was asleep. I felt the area around me, my sense of touch so thrown off, but I could tell I was in a rectangular container by the way my arms stopped around me. I searched my body for something, anything, but my pockets in my pants were empty. I realized that I also had pockets in my top, \"I must be wearing a dress coat for some reason,\" I thought thanks to the positioning of the pockets. I honestly couldn't tell what I was wearing, the sensation of pins and needles seemed to take over my skin and I couldn't feel anything past that. Reaching into my coat pocket I could sense something pushing against my hand, this particular something was small and thin, I couldn't tell what it was though, it was still completely pitch black. I tucked it back into my coat pocket, it was the only thing i an remember actually feeling while I was in that box. There was no way of telling how long I was in there, I remembered nothing, not where I was, not how I got there, not even my name. I decided I had to get out though, I had to find out what was going on.

My hand reached forward and started to scratch at the area in front of me. The sound of my nails scratching and peeling away at what was in front of me was loud and piercing. I could sense the scraps of the container falling into my mouth and around me but I couldn't feel them, I couldn't feel what all I was clawing at, I could only feel thee urge to get out. After about 15 minutes of constant clawing, coupled with the occasional spitting in order to get the scraps out of my mouth, I was beginning to get restless and I heard a loud crack. At first I thought this was a good thing, \"I'm finally getting through this thing,\" in my excitement I flew my hand back as far as I could in my confined environment and began slamming the area in front of me as hard as possible. I could hear it crack more and more with each hit. After hit number 5 I took a break, but the cracking did not, by the time I realized what was happening it was already too late for me to stop and look for another way. With an ear shattering pop the darkness that was around me engulfed me completely and crushed my body in it's unforgiving grasp.

At first I struggled, I felt as though my entire body was locked by the pressure of the dark surrounding me. But adrenaline kicked in quick, all I knew that I needed was to get out of this hell, my body forced my arms in front of me. I don't know how I knew what to do, but every fiber of my being pushed me to use my arms to crawl my way slowly forward through the abyss in front of me. It felt like a lifetime, slowly pushing forward while my body was constantly crushed. Finally my hands began to feel less pressure on them, I pushed them to thee sides and pulled myself up and out of my hell into the area that is slightly lighter. Pulling myself up into the light of the nighttime I realized I was pulling myself from the dirt of the earth.

As the rain rinsed the dirt off my eyes I slowly regained my sight. I stood up, my legs wanting to give out from the pins and needles sensation in them, and realized I was standing in the middle of a graveyard. If this was going to go anywhere I was going to have to get uses to the tingling sensation within my skin. The graveyard I was in was relatively small, I could see all ends of it from the spot that I was at. Three of the four sides were surrounded by houses with a church at one of the corners, I could see the stained glass illuminated by the lights of the surrounding houses. The final side was connected to what seemed to be a major road. I leaned forward and read what the stone by the hole that I came from the ground read. It said simply, \"Here lies Lazlo (Laz) Henderson, Loving Son,\" so Laz was my name, it seemed so oddly unfamiliar. There was no use in staying in the same place, I had to figure out what was going on. I pulled myself over the fence towards the main road, I'd say climb but my numb body made that impossible for me to do anything that resembled climbing. After flopping on the opposite side of the fence I pulled myself up and started walking along the sidewalk.

I looked at my hands as I walked down the street, I still couldn't feel anything, but I could see that the skin and flesh, as well as the nails that were once there, had peeled away from the tips of the first four fingers revealing the bone underneath. That must had been from clawing my way out, they weren't even bleeding though, I figured the first thing I should do was bandage my hands up. I checked my body for any more abrasions because I knew I wouldn't feel them, all I came up with was a couple scratches from the from the fall over the fence. As I checked my body I walked past a gentleman's club and a motel about 5 blocks down from where the cemetery was, it must have been about midnight since the club was one of the only things lit up across the street at this time of night.

Further down that road, past a gas station and a couple of townhouses I noticed the lights of a 24 hour pharmacy coming from across the street. I shimmed across the street, still getting the hang of walking, and made my way into the pharmacy searching for the band aids. Once I found them along the back wall of the pharmacy I simply stared at them for some period of time, realizing that I didn't have a wallet or any way of paying for the things I was holding in my hands. I decided there was only one thing to do, I grabbed the band aids and ran into the bathroom. Once in there I locked the door and turned on the light, walking over to the mirror I felt like I was seeing myself for the first time.

I was white and somewhat pale, I could tell that under the dirt that the light rain didn't wash all the way off. I could see now that I was wearing a full black suit, slightly dirty and damp, complete with a black tie and white shirt. I took the jacket off and placed it on the ground so I could roll my sleeves up and wash my hands. As I pulled my sleeves up I noticed the long deep scars working there way up along the center of each of my wrists about halfway up my forearm. I started washing my hands and studied myself in the mirror looking a the foreign face. My hair was long, dark brown and scruffy, there was dirt in it still, I decided to wash my face and the semi long beard I had apparently grown. My face was narrow but my nose was wide, my eyes looked crazy, they were a pale blue surrounding my black pupil. After my sink shower, I wrapped my fingers in 2 bandages each in order to make sure they were covered. I leaned over and grabbed my coat getting ready to leave the bathroom and the shamefully opened bandage box, I noticed something fell on the ground.

Picking up the small piece of paper, I held it softly in my hands. Now that I can actually see I realized that what I found was a photo, a photo of a woman. She looked so innocent in the picture, almost like a little girl, her brown hair in pigtail braids and a soft smile on her face. I found myself staring at this picture, studying it, looking into this girl eyes that seemed to be a beautiful mix of green and purple. Her soft features complimented by her strong features, strong sexy jaw line and a tight body in a black dress. She wasn't perfect, but she was perfect imperfection. The dimples in her smile, the small scar on her nose, all made her seem only more beautiful and more human, like a raw, natural beauty. I wracked my brain forever trying to figure out who this stunning angel was but as with everything else I couldn't find anything about her in my head.

The motion sensitive light turned off leaving me in the dark yet again. I tucked the photo into my pocket, I had spent too much time standing in the middle of the dark and dirty bathroom. All I had figured out was one thing, I needed to find out who this girl in the picture was, just looking at her made me feel... different, almost normal, I even forgot about the numbness in my skin looking at the picture. I rushed myself out of the pharmacy, ashamed of the stolen bandages on my fingers. I stood in the street out front of the pharmacy, the rain, like my confusion, had only gotten heavier while I was in the pharmacy. What was I to do now? Where should I go? I have absolutely no memory, all I really know is that my name was Laz, and even that I couldn't tell for sure. Why did I wake up and dig myself out of a grave, who had buried me alive, what was going on? It was getting really late, I had no choice but to go to one place that I knew, maybe going back to the graveyard would give me some sort of clue. I started walking in the rain, the rain pelting my suit so loud I could hear it.

The trip back went relatively smooth, until I started walking past the gentleman's club. I read the painting on the wall, 'Continuous dancing from 12pm-2am'. I guessed it must have been approaching 2 since the club was empty pretty much, the last car was pulling out as I walked by. I saw a petit figure outside, she was wearing high heels and a white dress with a small leather jacket standing underneath the sign out front of the club. Using the sign as a cover, she lit a cigarette as I came to the spot next to her, I needed a small break from walking, the numbness made walking a real difficult task. I looked over at the woman next to me, she was most likely a dancer from the club, she had long black hair on the half of her head that wasn't shaved and sharp defined features, a small nose and a set of full lips wrapped around the cigarette in her mouth. She had tip of a dark tattoo poking out of the chest of her dress and semi gauged earplugs. She turned to me once she noticed me and her bright blue eyes drew me in like a moth to a flame.

\"Hey there cutie,\" the delicate looking lady said as she held out a cigarette to me, \"what's got you stuck out this late at night, on your way home from the bar?\" Her voice was soft and slightly raspy, almost memorizing

\"Uh... no, just out on a late night walk I guess,\" I got out and chuckled a little awkwardly at how stupid what I was saying sound. It was odd to hear my own voice, it dawned on me that this was the first time I talked since I dug myself up, it was deep and raspy, almost crushed like my throat. \"What about you, what are you doing outside in the rain?\"

She looked down and thought for a second and looked backed up at me, \"I'm just finishing up my first job, don't really want to go to my second job. So where are you headed puddin'?\" the angel said as she looked up at me.

I thought for a minute, \"I'll be honest with you doll, I really don't know,\" I said, \"guess I'm just walking. Felt the need to get out and experience the air.\"

She started chuckling, a beautiful sound in the dark of the night, \"It's really a beautiful time to go for a walk in the rain.\" She said and then paused for a moment thinking, \" You know what, you want to go somewhere with me to get out of the rain, you can keep me from waiting for work?\" She started swaying her hips from side to side, almost childishly but excitedly, almost seductively, drawing me in even deeper just like her eyes.

I thought about it for awhile while I examined her tight little body in her skirt and stockings. \"Why not?\" I finally said, knowing that this was somewhat of a blessing, I had nowhere else to go at the moment and this seemed like my only chance to have some sort of normality.

\"Perfect,\" she said while simultaneously putting out her cigarette, \"just wait here for a second.\" She ran inside and I waited in the rain, somewhat scared about what had just happened, what if she asked me about myself. I barely knew who I was at the moment, barely knew anything at all. Before I could fabricate a story about who I was or what I was doing she came out with a purse draped over her shoulder and grabbed my hand. \" Now, just be quiet and follow me, I'll show you a good time hun,\" she said softly as she started leading me down the street.

We walked fast, almost ran through the rain, my numb limbs struggling to keep up with her nimble body. It wasn't a far travel, just across the street trough the rain honestly, we ended up out front of a slightly run down motel. The dimly lit sign seemed almost welcoming this late at night. Walking into the lobby, the person behind the desk didn't even bother looking up from his position, I could smell the burnt carpet of a poorly up kept living establishment. She guided me down a long narrow hallway, up the stairs and to a room labeled 223, she turned around and looked at me as she pushed the door open, \"this is where all the fun happens.\"

She pulled me into the room and pushed me onto the bed, \"Now wait here and get comfortable while I go get ready,\" she demanded in a cutsey voice as she skipped off into the bathroom. I sat on the bed and took off my jacket as the door shut, it was hard to believe what was happening actually was happening. I took the belt off my pant and began looking around, in the drawer next to the bed I found a bible. How ironic, a symbol of purity and hope in this seemingly filthy place where I was beginning to feel helpless. I studied the leather binding of the holy book as I thought about what I was doing. How could I continue, figure out what the hell was going on. I felt lost, began to feel hopeless, I didn't know who I was, maybe I belonged in the ground. Before my thoughts could carry me any further I felt a delicate pair of arms on my waist.

My hips were twisted by her, my gelatin legs gave way and I fell on the bed laying back on my arms to see an amazing sight. Her body was hugged by a sexy red and black corset that led up her body to where her perky exposed breasts sat perfectly. Beneath it there was a black lace pair of panties with a red frill, and a long pair of black fishnet stockings that went down her legs. She crawled her way onto the bed and up my body, the first thing I could feel since I came out was the warmth coming from in between her legs slowly sliding up my thigh. As she began unbuttoning the top button of my dress shirt I could sense her hair falling on the side of my back. She whispered into my ear, \" now let me show you why they call me candy,\" and her lips fell on my neck and she continued to unbutton my shirt.

I let out a long sigh, it had been a long time since I had felt anything at all and now I could feel the sensation of her lips against my skin and it drove me crazy so I laid back. She fully unbuttoned my shirt and began to kiss down my body, pressing herself against me, could feel the warmth of her breasts against my skin, the feeling of her hands unbuttoning and slipping into my pants and beginning to play with my cock and nuts in my pants. I was flooded with feeling, my body began to feel as though it was on fire as sensation came back to me, I could feel my cock slowly becoming more and more erect as she kissed her way down my chest and I pulled my pants down. My cock began to pulsate from the feeling of her hands slowly massaging my nuts and kissing my hip, the rush of blood made it feel like it was on fire as I laid back and groaned from the pleasure.

The fire was suddenly cooled but the pleasure only built up more and more as I looked down to see her fiery eyes looking as me with her cool tongue tracing it's way slowly up my cock from my nuts and twirling it around the tip. Her eyes closed and she looked down as she engulfed my cock taking it deep down her throat, my eyes closed and my heady went back as my hand almost instinctively went down to grab the back of her hair. As my hand pulled onto her hair and guided her head up and down, holding her down so she could choke on my cock, something began to take over me. Holding my cock deep down her throat I began to feel it pulsate, I felt like I was going to explode and something animalistic took the place of my mind. I ripped her off and threw her onto the bed.

All sensation came to me as I grabbed and tore off her tight little thong, exposing her pink, puffy pussy to the air. It glistened as I descended on it, tasting her with my tongue, shoving it deep inside of her and twirling it around. The metallic taste took over my mouth as I listened to her moan, arch her back and pulling on my hair so my tongue thrust deeper and deeper into her. Hearing her scream almost made me black out, my hand reached up her body as I moved up, my hand wrapped around her neck to slowly choke her as my mouth fell on her exposed breast. She gasped for air as I sucked and bit, rubbing my cock against the outside of her glistening wet pussy. It began to pulsate as I slowly shoved it inside of her, I bit her neck as it happened. Thrusting into her my hands fell to the side, easing up and letting her gasp for air and moan as I picked up speed. As I got deeper and deeper into her I could feel myself building up, her arms reached around my back and dug her nails into me. I sucked and bit onto her chest, the feeling of her nails digging and falling down my back drove me insane, she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled my cock deep inside of her, every part of me went crazy as my cum exploded inside of her, so much of it that I could feel it drip out of her as I trusted a couple more times into her. I fell back, sliding out of her I fell to the side on the bed laying back.

She got up and went into the bathroom, I laid there, my body ablaze, panting in pleasure, slowly fading back into numbness on the bed. She came out of bed in the same outfit she was wearing earlier, with her purse draped over her shoulder, \"sorry hun but I gotta get to more work, find me again if you ever want more fun,\" she said heading to the door, \"someone will be up soon to collect the 200 dollars, I have to go,\" she let out as she closed the door. That was weird, I was confused what she meant as the door slammed. I guess I wont be able to stay here the night, I got up, shirt still draped over me and unbuttoned. Right after I fully got my pants on and buttoned I heard the door open and a large white man, built like a barbarian and with a shaved head.

\"I'm hear to collect the money you owe me,\" he said with a stern voice staring at me.

Knowing I had no money I didn't what else to say, \"you see, I don't have anything, I didn't know it was going to cost me, I don't have any cash,\" was all that came out in a shaky voice.

The man slowly walked toward me, his jeans jingling with change as he cracked his knuckles, \"well that was a mistake sir, one your still going to have to pay for,\" was the last thing he said when his hand fell on my shoulder and his knee sunk into my chest.

Luckily my entire body went numb again, he slammed his knee over and over again, even though I couldn't feel it I knew the damage was being dealt, I began coughing up blood as he attacked me. I started laughing uncontrollably, I didn't know what else to do, it was funny how I had gotten here, obviously he didn't like my laughing, he lifted my back up, cocked his arm back and a large fist descended on my jaw. I heard a loud crack as I felt my jaw unhinge and it dangle from my mouth, at that point something snapped in me, I looked at him, ducking his second punch I elbowed him in the ribs sending him back.

I ran at him, completely unable to control my body, I jumped at him, my body weight causing him to fall back, his eyes got wide and confused. I grabbed his head and slammed it into the floor over and over again. then, almost instinctively I began pressing my thumbs into his skull. I could feel his eyes pop as they I pressed into him, blood began to ooze from his face as he faded and stopped fighting. I stopped, leaning back to breath, I reached up, licking the blood from my hand, I enjoyed the delicious metallic taste. I pressed my jaw back into place, falling back onto the ground and slowly fading back into the dark...

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