I write for me and me only

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I was going through my notebooks of poem and my memory went back to what happened a lot last year, and this came to me. Hope y'all like it... And sure part of me is still writing for the promise I made, but the other half is like she isn't gonna know so I don't have too but I'm still writing as y'all can tell. Anyways enjoy!

Submitted: January 27, 2010

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Submitted: January 27, 2010



My parents might not get my poems
You might not like it
My best friend may love it
But it’s my opinion that matters
I write for me and nobody else
Sure y’all may love it
Or y’all might hate it
I hate all my poems
But I still write them
They make me happy, so I write them
They aren’t perfect
Nor am I
So why do I expect them to be perfect?
Easy I don’t
I don’t care if they aren’t award winning
If they are then that is great
I just write for the joy of writing
And nobody can take it away from me
I love writing, and it’s not something I can take credit for
Two people showed me how good I was, so I kept on
And now I write for me
I made a promise to write
But as far as I know she has no clue that I kept it
So I’m writing for me
And always will
I may not rhyme in them
But you don’t have to
I prefer free style
Writing is what I do and it’s part of who I am
I don’t write what y’all want
Because I’m writing for me
And nobody else
I don’t care if you thought it was lame
I probably did too
But doesn’t mean I’m gonna give up writing
This is the only way I’m in the spotlight
Sure it’s not pride pleasing in their eyes
But in mine it is
So I’m not here to please anyone only myself
Which is half the time since I hate my work
 I’m just a girl with a dream
And this is my dream
I will always write for me
And sure people may come and go
So they’ll be mention in my poems
But I’m not writing for them
Nobody can take credit for telling me I have a gift
Actually only two people can, but I know who they are
And I will set ya straight if you said you’re the one
Unless you are that is, but until then ya know
Writing is my life
I can escape from my real life
And get caught up in my poems
Some will have a lot of meanings
And others probably won’t; but I don’t care
You may think of me as crazy
Sure I might be
I’m crazy for writing
Don’t get me wrong I have my ups and downs
But writing keeps me strong and going
I will always write for me
And some for others
But mainly for me
Two people has a big impact on my writing
And I thank y’all everyday, and I will write more I promise!

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