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Submitted: January 21, 2007

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Submitted: January 21, 2007




By Mary E.CodyPart1



Alice couldn’t wait for the UPS guy to come. She had saved up all her allowance for the past year and blew it all on a Garrmin 93C Global Positioning System or as she liked to casually refer to it,as her”GPS”, hoping to impress. She was 13 years old and had a huge crush on Glenn, the self proclaimed GPS expert at the local Geocacheing Club. Glenn was 20 years old and managed to be a living oxymoron: a hunky nerd. Movie star looks combined with a near genius I.Q. made it easy to overlook his weird, sometimes mean personality. Alice overlooked it and hung on his every word.


Alice hungered for love and companionship. She was different in so many ways that taking inventory of them made her feel desperate, even suicidal. Heading the list was that she was the only one in her little town whose sister was featured on a milk carton. Jessica went missing three years ago and since then nothing was normal in Alice’s life. Alice was the plain, brainy one while Jessica was the Home Coming Queen that never made it home from the senior prom. Since then her parents moved into some mental and emotional shelter that had no room for Alice. She knew they loved her but she also knew that it would have been easier for them if she was the one whose bedroom was forever a shrine .Sometimes she even fantasied about it and envied her sister her status, preserved in time at her peak.


Now though she had found something that had completely captured her and made her really happy: Geocacheing. It combined three of her favorite things , science, nature and puzzles. The Geopositioning System locked onto the satelites circling the earth and told you where you were with amazing accuracy. No bigger that most cell phones the device’s memory held maps, a compass, and could tell you your elevation, how fast you were moving and when fed the coordinates for a destination would beep when within a few feet. Many more delightful features awaited Alice’s curiosity and she once again looked down the street waiting for the big brown UPS truck and sighed,  once again disappointed.


She decided to let her faithful Irish Setter, Luke, act as her early warning system for the delivery as he could be counted on to go in to paroxysms of doggy glee when the truck pulled into the driveway.The driver knew that a well stocked supply of dog treats made his job safer and a whole lot more fun.Alice smiled remembering the time Luke ran the truck down, jumped in and refused to get out until he had gotten his treat. The regular driver was out sick and the substitute had no idea he was breaking an unwritten but serious doggy covenant. It was a good thing Alice was home from school and came to the rescue. The rookie driver left a bit wiser about his job description that day!


With Luke on the job Alice went to her room to log ontothe geochacher’s website so she could download the list of caches placed near her town. She wanted to be prepared with her printout. The next day was Saturday and she was looking forward to a full day of treasure hunting.The weather promised to be perfect. For a geocacher that meant too uncomfortable for “muggles” or non-geocachers ....ala Harry Potter be out and about but not so bad that it spoiled the fun.One had to be careful not to let  Muggles see you near the cache, they would be sure to steal it or ruin it.Glenn stressed the need for secrecy and for once she was an insider. Muggles were outsiders….and that included nearly all the students in her school… to her delight./Of course what would make it totally perfect would be if she had Glenn all to herself. She felt a bit guilty about it but she hoped a minor plague would visit the beginner’s group leaving her miraculously unscathed.That would do it.


Her wishful thinking was interrupted by hectic barking and yowling and she knew things would be looking up from here on in. She was at the door holding Luke by the collar before the truck had come to a halt. 



************TO BE CONTINUED***************

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