Please God

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the prayer of a broken girl

Submitted: April 11, 2008

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Submitted: April 11, 2008



Please, please God I need you. I’m hurting I won’t stop asking until you help me please I beg you for help. Help me I need to find away to help my broken family, my fallen sister my blind mother, and my rejected self. I don’t know what to do anymore I tried so hard I can’t make it anymore on my own. I need you there to help me find away please oh God please I can’t do this. My family has fallen apart she through him out she didn’t really try she just gave up. He didn’t help her out either he tried when she was serious about him leaving any other day he would make her so unhappy she felt pain and imprisonment .But there were also so many times when she just wouldn’t compromise God I want my daddy back. I watched it and protected my little sister the best I could from her seeing the same pain. I didn’t want that for her she was too young. Oh God please help my sister doesn’t know who she is anymore I don’t know who she is anymore and she doesn’t care. The man who helped give her life took away her innocents. For so long she kept that pain to her self now she lashes out for attention. I’ m afraid for her God help her she needs you more than I do. I beg you God show her please show her help her she doesn’t deserve this pain. I beg you God with everything in me help my mother she blind to what is around her. She doesn’t want to face the problems I so clearly see. I try to help her so she doesn’t have to worry about them but instead I’m taking in everything the pain, the anger, the pure hatred of everyone. Please God help them see what we are losing I don’t want to lose my mother or my sister for they are my life. Without them I can not breath I can not live without them I’ m not human I am nothing. So please God help me to deal with the rejection of my broken family because even though they do not want me I want to always be here for them to watch them to love them to pick them up when they fall. Please oh please God guide me so I can help guide them please God.  

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