Unforgotten Love

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lovers reunited and then torne apart

Submitted: April 09, 2008

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Submitted: April 09, 2008



I stand at the back of the room unseen, and watching him the center of attention, the worriers of worriers. I see him sitting with his friends laughing and rejoicing the night away. I pray that someday he will notice me just look in my direction. I have heard may grate things about him, he has changed much from when we were young. He seems sad though deep within his eyes as if something were missing. I go about my business trying to work, but I can’t stop looking at him I wonder if he were to even remember me. He has never known the love I have and still do feel for him. But her night grows even later and as quickly as he came he will be gone the man I love will walk away from me and never know how much I whish to be with him. The room where so many were is empty with only me he is gone and the heart ache still dwells within me as I clean. I notice a single rose where he was and a note with my nave my heart begins to race thinking, wondering what words have been written for me the unseen. From who would these word reside from and what the would be. I open it and read the beautiful confession of his love for me for the longest time he has spent to find me to tell me of his love in hopes I would return these most cavernous feelings of love. I fall to my knees and begin to cry the pain of my love released within my tears. I look up and he is standing above me I jump into his arms and he holds me as he found something he has lost. I can’t stop crying I look up into his eyes he tells me how he has always noticed me and has loved me as far as he could remember he wipes my tears away.  As I begin to tell him of I have always loved him just as much there is a sudden pain in my back. The fear shows in his eyes as he begins to scream with anger and fear. I look down and see the blade covered with my blood I turn to see another woman, my closest sister, her eyes filled with anger and hate. She runs as I slowly begin to die I tell him of my eternal love for him and he kisses me before I take my final and last breath of sweet life in his arms.  

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