Ancient Evil

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an ancient mirror is found...good, or EVIL????

Submitted: February 05, 2008

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Submitted: February 05, 2008



Jonathan Thomas, like any other teenager, still couldn’t believe his aunt was moving—again! This had been, for the record, the fifteenth she moved—this month! He and his aunt counted the boxes.

“Johnny, be a dear, and go get the remaining from the attic,” his aunt said.

“Yeah, be a dear,” his brother Jacob mocked.

“Oh, hush,” he heard his aunt scolded. All he could was their bickering behind him. John made his way up to the attic—the dark, and gloomy attic. The only light that shone was a light bulb that occasionally flickered. He tapped the light bulb, and it stopped flickering. He saw the last remaining box—in the corner, as usual. He blew off the mice feces and dust, and carefully lifted it. He then, carefully walked down the steps. He was half way down, when he lost his footing. His foot gave way, and the box went hurdling down with a crash. He groaned and opened the box to see what had broken—a couple of vases, some wine glasses, and some antique china. He noticed, something that wasn’t broken, however. It was a pink hand mirror, it had a orange and purple flower on the end of the handle, and along the rim of the mirror were inscriptions. “Ezu, Entanta, Eska, Erithim.” He read aloud. There came a voice coming inside the mirror—his own.

“I’m awake, what more do you want?” it asked sarcastically.

“I want to fix the things that broke in the box,” Jon said. There was a burning sensation on Jon’s wrist. He looked down and saw a circle forming. Jon winced with pain as it continued to take shape.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“An I owe you,”

“What?” Jon asked.

Doing this kind of stuff, requires energy, and magic, so in order to do it, I need to give some sort of reminder to tell you, that you owe me.”

“Oh,” Jon said.  The circled completed its shape, and a white light came from the mirror. Within a few seconds, the process was complete, and the box wasn’t broken anymore.

“Just, be careful,” the mirror said.  Jon put the mirror in his back pocket and went outside to his aunt.  Jon finished putting the box in the car and pulled out the mirror. “Auntie, can I have this?” he asked. Auntie looked up and her eyes widened with horror.

“Where did you find this?” she demanded.

“In the box,” Jon replied. She took hold of Jon’s face and looked deep in to his eyes.

“Destroy it, and you will be set free, keep it, and you will perish!” She looked at Jon’s wrist where the circle formed.

“It’s begun, there’s no stopping it, unless you go to the past and stop yourself.”

I wish I knew what that was about Jon thought. A triangle formed on his wrist. As he looked down, he noticed that it was actually burning into his flesh. A voice popped into his head—his auntie’s as if she was taking over his body.

The Mirror is evil! If you do not destroy it, it will destroy you, and it will be fatal. The voice left, as quickly as it came.

“I wish auntie didn’t have to move,” he said. He quickly covered is mouth. “No, I didn’t—”

Too late the mirror said. Another triangle formed on Jon’s wrist. There came a call from the house. Auntie went to answer it. When she hung up, she leapt in the air with joy.

“Good news, I don’t have too move,” she exclaimed.  Jacob groaned, and Jon punched the air. He knew what he had to do.

“Mirror, for my final wish, I would like to travel back in time, when I broke the box,”

Why? It asked,

“Just do it!” Jon snapped. The world began spinning; time was rewinding its self just as a VHS tape does. They were at the place where Jon saw himself slip, fall and drop the box. The first Jon opened the box and pulled out a mirror. The second Jon (the one that did the time travel) grabbed hold of the mirror, and smashed it against the hard wall. The mirror shattered, and a voice flew from the mirror.

You’ll regret this Jonathan! And all was silent. The first Jon faded and the original Jon looked at the broken glass pieces. Auntie ran up the stairs and looked at him.

“Look what you’ve done!” she exclaimed.

“I’m sorry,” Jon said.

“Bless your soul, dear boy,” she said hugging Jon.

“What?” Jon asked. Auntie just smiled.

“Ever since I created it, it’s been nothing but trouble; and now my misfortune is gone!” she said. 

 at that moment, Jon closed his eyes, and fainted.

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