Dear Best Friend

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My best friend Zane is leaving for the Air Force soon, and this is what I wrote him.

Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



You know that person I am always with at least 78 percent of the time, and I am probably laughing and smiling with? It is always a "see you tomorrow." Now it has become a "see you soon." Just last year I sat in your car being in my usual spot with your phone in my hands trying to pick what song for us to rap next. Just another day of being your shotgun rider, then you turned to me with your typical soft smile with your big dimples showing. You took a deep breath, and you broke the news: you were leaving for the Air Force sooner before we graduated. I remember at that moment my heart skipped a beat, but I smiled then proceeded to pinky promise with you that we would make the most out of our last year together until we would get reunited again. Two more birthdays spend together. More scheduling our classes the same. More loud laugher. More smiles. More pictures taken by me. More times of being the actual person I want to be when I am with you. More times I actually have learned to love myself... More memories.

Today has become that day of saying "see you soon", and my heart has never felt so overwhelmed... but so proud at the same time. I did everything I could to help prepare you before you left for the Air Force. I would tell you to drop and give me 15 push-ups while laughing because we knew I could not keep a straight face. We tested the snail mail process. Just from your house to my apartment 45 miles away it took a week and a half. We tried to not think about how long it was actually going to take from Texas to home. We spend every day together whenever we were not working. Time flew away. I even tried to not cry when we hugged one last time for a while, but we know how that went. You wiped my tears away and whispered one of our saying, "love you long time." 

You have become one of most rarest treasures in my life. The United States Air Force just became almost as lucky as I am to have you serve. As much as I would do anything to have you by my side, in your car rapping, going out to eat ordering each other's food, laughing loud and smiling bright, and have you turn to know what I am thinking of  without me saying anything... It is your time now. I cannot wait to become a part of your next adventure, and I cannot wait to read our snail mail. Next time I see you you are offically going to be my Air-man. I miss you already. 

I love you long time and forever in a day. 

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