Another family dinner

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The first poem ive written in almost 4 years. Im a little rusty.

Submitted: July 03, 2008

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Submitted: July 03, 2008



Another Family Dinner

Laughing faces, gleaming teeth

dimples outstanding on their cheeks.

The smiles of poeple who fit

I cannot smile, i open my lips

I scruch my eyes, an odd noise escapes

My body refuses the gesture

the tiny man in my head yells for an abort

I start to curl up in the middle

Water sears my cheeks as it falls

I attempt to take to control

to abort his ordered abort

My teeth sink into the insides of my cheeks

I taste the rusty copper of my own blood

My nails drive themselves into my palms

The pain distracts the tiny man in my head

Another strange noise escapes

Not one that should ever be heard

This time someone does hear, they turn

Just in time for blood to drip from my mouth

A red tear of pain lands on the white table cloth

I've ruined another perfect family dinner

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