life after my engineering

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
, these all contents , i dedicate to my all engineering friends buddies....
hope, u will enjoy..

Submitted: May 03, 2017

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Submitted: May 03, 2017



MY life after Engineering,

28 april ,

"Wake up-2 , its alredy, we have only hour remain for reaching our destination" said by naman .

yeh, she was more punctual girl in 7 buddies group .

"is it true"   or rumer , he he he ....she is my sister .So i  could annoy her. 

i lived with 6 glamorous girls at hostel but only a  imagination . Reallity, there were two separate rooms.

that perticuler rooms did exist in mayavati and puppi dog hostel. Ok,  Let me clear,

Mayavati should be open a social toilet also. How, our humanity listened all such bullshit vampire speech and follow rules ." Ass hole "

Mayavati , she is  not black political , her nick name" Anusha jain", she was hostel wardon. And about puppi dog, i could only flitered all words. at last just only agreed with " nahi bete" like amrish puri remove edge of sword from my neck with simple smiling face. F@#*ck

Ladded to all stairs,  and reached at beautiparlour . what the fuck,  parlour wardon did stand in peticoat and blouse. 

my roomies took , perticuler  mirrors.. yes it was hostel mayavati's room . were already late. yes ,these peticoat girl was shriya. 

and that was farewell hostel party yes,.we completed 4 years at this  tihar jail, where  all prisioners visited malls ,kfc, ich etc. on special sunday.

Rejected ,anua nty's hiered auto and booked ola cabs at very delay  of time. 

we were VIP, we wanted  privacy and first class reservation at our hostel life. 

my roomies were revolving here and there in nacked stomach looked like new born potato's  faltered .


 Being ready, first time..i saw "' miss sexy,eve,and performer ,bathing beauty,bellydancer together . 

for the first time ,tom boy roomie got ready in red saree have blood red lipistic, heavy earings and was too funny to see fitting safety pins in other's blouse by her ."Scary''

imagine, if Harbhajan singh plays ludo and all ludo international players have nastologic reaction, " what i mean " ..? but admired it .

beinged comman friend , gave makeup tutorials  have being a creepy  voice ..".its not creepy ,am just admiring princess cat voice" princess Shriya .

I used to see china crown  .but not exist on the day. Had been craned??

 oh it was hairstyle...most populerstyle in Jblpur. 


how could i see that girl, in messy rough hair, broad lips, and without  stunning appearence ,  yes she  was simpy,  did plastic surgery about best tutorial of make up.

after all, could i see her twin sister ?? no again she was simpy. 

Me n my sister were matching with saree and won the match after 5 turnaments . 

hip- hip  hurrey  ...... ...... ...... ............. ............. ...................... .......... .......... .............. .............. 

finally we all 5 got ready .

we sat down in ola cabs and started from our hostel and entried in samdariya .A women security did'nt even investigate,because we are all in  half- two peace officially . 

and gone to make jealous mayavati with curved waist. 

Seemed like many bar girls are going to perform and show of them body at any marriage party.. 

'' Fuck , we will have to ladding  slider in this blancket, and also tough task to prove perfect sari wali girl" said by simpy to make even all foundation.

we got stairs up on 2 floors and got entry at " tiger hunt" 

all programms was done by succesfully....

finally , we reached our seperates room with silent girl Riyadi and another tom boy Nivi , and made fun of worst dressed girls and ugly makeup.most top in the list was Lovely .

"dont be silly" she had worst makeup...not a physical features and dress" said by us. we 3 discussed  like judgemental face. But pinky made her face up n down like judge in  serious condition and  sat on climax of  any court.  



Blanketbag , big skybag, and cariied kurkure packet at banglore station.  my friend nitesh  came ,and carried with one cup of coffee and also beinged odious face..  it was black tea with less amount of suger.

After all, it was Banglore, climax did it ..Cofee (black-tea)..

"Wait some one is calling' said by Nitesh with making whinked expression because of black tea soureness. ewww 

 hey bitch,u n ur sister have to come on 25 dec at Bhopal.n also reach on perticuler place.otherwise, i will kill on your bump" said with creepy voice.

Hillarious...could i rewind this voice in back of my engineering..ohhhh was she shriya,?? but why she should  have call at BHOPAL??,while her hometown is Amarkantak

Oh ,she can do job there and inviting at party for getting this.....again I rolled my fingers on number keys and called to my sister from kanpur.and convenced also to leave job for 2 days

"Punctual 'at job?? oh sorry. easily convenced .Rumer still exist.

Me n my sister were coming Bhopal. 

oh no , u have to replace home town ticket with bhopal ticket." said by nitesh beinged fearness.Yesi am staying here alone for 9 hours. 

yeh, Both were  marketing and finance manager .so  he  will have to go back on industries in some few minutes. First of all we went to tickett counter,and requested to make changes in ticket timing and also ticket." attain a line" said by counter uncle with alcohlic eyes. "scary" .seemed like live demanding , both kidneys in queu.  ...I collected kidneys ohhh sorry " tickets", and went back at main station.  

came in Bhopal at 6 am  and also reached at my destination place." What the fuck"  have i reached wrong place ?? suddenely, One grand aunty washed my both legs on traditional kalin. also made to sat on sofa." what is happened with shriya mentality." was it possible , china light decorated on wall,  a plate full filled with heavy chena. and music banged with this song " saj gai bandi meri yarr chunar gote me " how could it possible when some one giving party of getti ng job there. hillarious.....

A cute baby  came with  half ruined chena, but her mouth smelled like whisky taste.  she sat besides of me and looked with curious eyes...".have u admitted whisky" i said .

"Yes" she replied in confident voice. My strange expressions increased ,when i saw a child sport shoes over on angels dressing.

Shivering litterly, was i on another planet....??.

suddenely , i saw a girl having a brownhair, large eyes,and shoes over a saree. was that same like  baby . ohhh she is a mother ,realised . And knew her name pinky , in just some secends .

Hostel roomie, she is married and also a engineer .ohhhhhh mmmmggg " what r  u doing here, and u also mistook your path" i said in terms of many questions.

"today is marriage day"  said by her like movie's director voice. Afterall , bieng best friend . 

Yes i came to attain shriya marriage . and how could i forget, of never describing all information by her ." its all about little cutness" 

someone was wirring  at stairs was like used to listen in engineering days . Offcousre she was sister .

Just saw at her in revange expressions . "sslim" Really,it works" ,.said by me  and my roomie . 

 Finally , we sat on sofa like those day's fb profile pic . 

"it is oficially reunion ." said by us having rytham .   "where is shriya' , asked to her mother by us . we just entried  in that room , with make to show her a ghost shadow . 

Unsuccesfull,  but she looked  more than us , she was in bridal getup .  Change, looked beautiful ghost, change, looked beautifull . 

Again , a" o "figure girl came with sky bag, beinged a buisness man daughter , yes this was "simpy"  . change, buisness man's wife . but happened with looks, wearing stain coller blouse, a big bun, south indian saree and gajra also.  is she wrote her story like two states?? ,  ohhhh that was type of fashion icon . " is she oopendis patient or baby bum" opinioned by us in joking terms . 

"now  she has broad  soldier ,chubby chicks . afterall now she is southindian tripikle women"  said by us in judgmental face . 

Only 1 hour remained for coming procession.  

we all r brown girls. till to a white girls came with a plate of lamp was not . uffffff ,' combination like  loc' of andharapradesh and kanyakumari .

seemed in very usual way , was she" nivi"?? yes.. ..that all reminded me in terms of calling" Gaganiyaaa " have always energatic  mode....... i just wanted to crown her for fresh talks those days ,but miss eve rewards took all credits. ....we stood like 7 wonders..sorry mistaken here, " where is riyadii" said by us .

"Riyadi  havebeen closed  her gmailaccount and coming here" said by a unknown guest girl . " afterall she is lecturer , and  have been pramoted herself from fb to gmail" .said by us . finally she came and turnned on her explaining mode .....ha ha ha..... but looked beautifull  in punjabi suit..afterall she is punjabilover.

Music was changed , with this song" dulhe ka sahra suhana lagta hai ''  then . we did all rasms, and rivaj . and enjoyed two toys 's marriage . 

we all came back from stage and gone on bed like  infusioning eggs .." is legs" corrected by riyadi ..Mentioned a explaning girl .

we were busy to talk about all marriage circumstances...".arre yarr , u always do with me.pleassse lets wakeup n go lakepark for boatting , heyyy r u listenning that, ok go back and compltete your sleeping ". nivi's voice , talk with her boyfriend sorry future husband  .  Nivi wasengaged about four years of love relation . 

A whisky babby...sorry- sorry, pinky's baby was  crrying around to pinky for milk feeding. then she fitted again a whisky bottle in her mouth....

Narendra modi speech had prove false, because" digital india"turned into alchohlic india . 

Then after sometime  , shriya stood to give tutorial of saree for midnight proggramme....7 girl's tears dropped out about thinking farewellbut instant invisibledbecause of our hotnesss. ...

"But what is wrong with midnightrituals..." it departal proggramme" said by us in confusion .

"Did'nt invite in marriage . was it reception " yes  she did court marriage . 

"we have to go back instantly " said by us with brutal face.

Then we prepared all luggage with not in confirmation mode, but this time ,.confirmed that .

"was it rumer" yes, now that time , it was milkbottle which pinky was keeping in luggage bag , now that time, nivi talked to us like gentle women . 

Riyadii  closed her gmail chat box and  stood with us, nooo...again explained  about involving situation.... 

"bye-bye , we will met after 9 months. " shriya said with giving some hidden hint .about sportsy  language . Music banged about this song " papa ki bitiya ...

Again confusion , ....

let me clear... she was going for honymoon  .......

we came back to our destinations......





















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