Lament of a Traveller

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those we leave behind

Submitted: October 20, 2008

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Submitted: October 20, 2008



Lament of a Traveller

So far ahead the shattered break

With drifting light through limbs that ache

So far behind left to hesitate

On raven wings broke the key of dreams

And so many footprints spent traceless

Along sundown’s passage

As they search in expectation of finding a different way

To borrow for tomorrow an illusion for today

Through petal fall and snow flake

In frosts and floating leaves

Did the parade of beauty gather to speak her mysteries

While the dust of a traveller dozed and dreamed at day break

Dawn’s greetings have echoed far from distant mountains

Silent wind to brush the grass blades speaking

Answering to the running shadows passing a dance through clouds

I am the brethren of spears, a silvered splinter, I am a shaft of sun

In footless halls the green march of trees begged the soles of shoes to wander

And softly lingered there amidst their centuries

Another time for the time where the weary may take rest

Yet now there is no respite no admission more for the traveller

The record of his strides and the crow’s feet of his eyes

No longer hold witness to the smile of splendour he has seen in nature

For all their nomadic predilections his feet will not begin

And there on ravens wings broke the key of dreams

So far behind the shattered break, so long ago when heart did not falter

Open life to the open road and the beacon of another

Never to say goodbye but fair them well, but fair them well

And still, never to travel together

Is it the reminder of years or the memories of tears

The footsteps left without or the falling locks of her dusky hair

The sweet soft reflection of her watery eyes

The pale beauty haunting of his lover whispering in the star strune skies

Never to say fair well but bid her goodbye

And still, never to journey together

In crimson dress for crimson lips as she returned to her dark sad bower

And never, no never to journey with her

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