Best Friends (Michael and Skyler)

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For Michael

Submitted: November 05, 2012

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Submitted: November 05, 2012



Updated Letter To Michael

Michael, First off I hate typing on this iPod because I'm making typos all the time. Oh yeah work's boring too. Okay I'm getting off topic severely off topic. I know I wrote one of these back in 2011 and I forgot to write one on October 20, 2012 so before I go like \"this is boring\" I'll start this letter. But I'm ending this off topic one first, k? Sincerely, Skyler P.S. it'll be right underneath this

Michael Andrew Taylor, We have been friends for now 4 years every year I'm gonna write one of these till we grow old and die. First, thanks for always being there most people have something against me but you don't have anything against me to ruin our friendship, we have gone through hell and back together of me losing Uncle Bob, Heyma, and Ashley and you losing family too. You stuck by my side when I got suspended from school and we've proved to your mom that it was a stupid choice by me and she loves me :) Secondly, you're an amazing artist I wish I could steal your realistic art abilities because you know I'm great at abstract art. Ah art memories, remember us in the back room your freshman year having coffee and Mrs. G thinking we would be best friends for life? Well she was right! Third, you're an awesome friend most people who move barely talk to their friends after and they'll move on but for us we talk everyday, and you also have your friends. And vice versa on me. Fourth, we finally made a YouTube channel for our weirdness after 3 years of planning it and we still need to play Slender on you're moms computer. Fifth, we're so weird that people don't claim to know us except each other. We will always be like this and yes I know I've written a lot but this is everything that I wanna say versus just hiding it and not revealing a lot. Sixth, I fail at the sims I accidentally killed you in the game from the house burning down, sorry! Seventh, we have a lot of the same things in common and that just sounded odd. Uhmmm yeah so going to number 8 Eighth, I know after you graduate we're finding a place to live and we're living together the plan has stayed in place for 5 years, we've had bumps in the road but we've stayed friends and we always have each other. In conclusion, I know we'll always be friends where I cherish it and not regret it at all and I could see us growing old and dying together in an Insane Asylum Sincerely, Skyler Cole Barrett

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