Don't Discourage The Past

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There are always moments that we wish we didn't dwell on the past but these are the memories that make us who we are.

Submitted: May 11, 2012

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Submitted: May 11, 2012



Don't let others get to you,

You'll always be mine,

You'll never be second place,

You are everything,

These are the words that I've been hearing,

I know that most of these are completely false,

But there are some true thoughts,

Such as,

Don't let others get to you,

Before anything was popular,

We always had a beginning,

There was the swoopy hair fad,

The weirdest of fads,

Turn into lifestyle labels,

Just because I wear black,

And listen to emo music,

Doesn't mean I'm emo for life,

I'm happy being undefined,

Because that doesn't make me stand out in a crowd,

Just because my best friend wears black and red,

And listens to screamo,

It doesn't mean he's always a punk,

It just establishes that we're both trying to figure out who we are,

I know the past doesn't do well for others,

But look we all know that it doesn't matter,

As long as you have friends,

Who will be there for you,

Through thick,

Through thin,

We all made a decision,

And that decision was to express ourselves in every whichway,

I know that I'm a hypocrite,

I don't say everything that's on my mind,

But look when I write,

You know what I'm saying,

I'm not speaking in a different language to you,

I'm just trying to make ammends with myself,

I've caused alot of pain,

I know this already,

So if you really have something against me,

Than don't bother trying to understand who I am,

Because look,

I'm trying to make a future,

Hell I know my past isn't great,

But I've got friends and family,

I know it's hard to see me grow up,

But I am growing up

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