Far but Gone

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This is about having everything come so far but you lose it all. I've gone through this with how my life has been. And if you listen to the demo version of No Matter What by Papa Roach or the original version of this song. It's from the album Time for Annihilation on the Record and On The Road. Once you hear the song than you can understand how it goes of my rhythm.

Submitted: March 15, 2011

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Submitted: March 15, 2011



I swear to god,

That this isn't what we wanted,

No matter how we turn,

We will never be the same as anyone,

No matter how I turn,

You won't see me the same,

I'm falling more and more,

Hitting the ground much harder,

Than the rain,

I can't see anything now,

I'm on my own,

I can't breathe at all,

I feel like I'm going to fall down,

And I know somehow,

You will keep me up,

I don't get why you do this for me,

Am I doomed to a life full of lonesomeness,

Am I gonna lose myself tonight,

I'm not gonna try to be anything,

I feel like I'm gonna fall,

I feel like I'm losing everything without you near me,

Why is it that I go through this,

Why am I by myself,

Is it that I'm a hopeless loser,

Is it that I tried way to hard before,

Is it that I'm no longer in the running for this competiton,

How long must I go through this pain,

How long must I see you in my eyes,

How long must this flame be up,

Can I try to be myself,

Can I try to have a life that has been taken,

Can I say "Hello" to everyone,

Or is it that I have to see these tear soaked shirts,

Or is it that I have to see nothing wrong,

Or is it that I have noone in this life to celebrate with,

Have I died,

Have I lived through the worst,

Have I had my hand raised in victory,

Have I just told you that "I miss you",

Did I make a life more confusing,

Did I make this move go on,

Did I tell you, "Goodbye" for the last time,

Who am I,

Who is this maker,

Who is this creater,

Who stopped it this time,

Should I keep on singing to you,

Should I just give you one last hug,

Should I tell you that I care,

Would you tell me to leave,

Would you tell me to never come back,

But you know I'll miss you

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