I Never Knew That It Was You To Be "The One"

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Ever had a moment that you were trying to find the perfect person, and your best friend(guy, gal) was that perfect one for you, but you dated others to find the one and than your friend gives you that chance you oh, so wanted? This poems about how I thought I couldn't find the one for me, than I thought I did once I dated my friend Sierra. We dated for only three months(Feb. 15,2010-May 2, 2010) but we felt perfect together, her family made us break up and it got us irate at each other.

Submitted: March 13, 2011

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Submitted: March 13, 2011



How could I look past you,

How can I prove that I'm not sure,

Do I have to bite my lip when I hear you talk,

Do I have to act like a shy person for you to hear,

Can I sing my songs in peace,

Or do I have to hide in this fear,

I've been with her,

That's what you've heard for months,

Correction years,

But I never thought I'd like my best friend,

The way you like me,

The way you sway yourself near me,

The way you hug me,

The way you take my breath,

You have always been there for me,

And yet I looked past you,

You deserved the best,

And in your head you thought I was the best,

I don't get how I was the best,

I didn't try to impress you,

I tried to impress someone else you knew,

But yet,

As soon as I gave up on her,

I got suspended,

And I felt like I had noone to talk to,

But you,

And than I looked in your eyes,

And I felt the heat radiat off my face,

Turns out,

I was wrong in all of my life,

Until I got close to you,

I thought noone would understand me,

But than you came into the picture to make me feel cared,

Feel loved,

Feel important,

And the way you leaned on me,

Made me feel alive,

When originally I felt dead,

You knew how to pick me up when I was down,

And you knew how to light this fire in me,

And not give up on me.

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