I Wanna Fall All Over Again

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This is a poem about wanting to fall in love again.After being hurt.

Submitted: March 03, 2011

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Submitted: March 03, 2011



so here we are in this world again,

i'm gonna sing all the time for you,

i'm gonna buy you anything,

you are the one that makes everything right,

i'm nothing but you see me as something,

i'm never gonna be myself,

when i see you with him,

you tell me you wish it could be me that is the one your with,

i'm not gonna try to be him,

i'm no longer anyone special,

i thought i could teach you the way i love,

but you keep me from a distance,

you make him think i hurt you,

when in fact all i did was,

speak from my heart,


you tell him i abuse you,

you tell him i laid my hands on you,

you tell him i touched you in inappropriate areas,

you tell him i'm different and i deserve your attention,

when for a fact i wanna be back in the times when we were together,

because during then,

we were special,

we were unique,

we were funny,

we were abnormal,

but your with him so i shouldn't even try


not anymore,

tell me i give up,

and i'll take you back,

and i'll sacrifice anything for you.

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