I Wonder If This Feeling Is Guilt Or Truth

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Ever wondered how it would be to be in love and you think your gonna get hurt by the words "I love you". The message of this poem is don't have the feeling to get hurt.

Submitted: March 02, 2011

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Submitted: March 02, 2011




is different,

some are white,

some are black,

some come from others,

but we all need someone to be with,

we must survive,

we all know what it's like to be loved,

or if we don't we wanna try to know what it's like,

i'm not gonna give in to you,

i'm gonna try to let you sing your words into my throat,

i'm gonna do everything you want to keep you in my heart,

when i hear you say I love you,

i get all nervous,

i'm afraid that your gonna leave me like the others,

you tell me you won't do that but you know me,

i worry like someone who has never seen a world full of love,

i'm gonna try my best to show you how much i care,

i'm not gonna give up until you tell me i should die,

i'm not gonna say good-bye,

i know you want me to,

but you now know that,

i'm terribly in love,

i'm not gonna hurt like how others hurt,

since all you know about me is my name,

and how i treat others,

i'm not gonna forget anything,

i'm gonna keep writing these words that i don't belong with,

these words are how i keep you close,

anytime you tell me,

i love you,

and they mean alot to me,

and i hope you never forget who i was,

baby don't make my day become painful,

i will make sure your day is perfect for a change,

without any worries,

i'm gonna write these words for you,

no matter how they turn they will be for you,

and i can't stop them,


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