Lonesome Kid

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This is about being alone and feeling alone through everything.

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011



Who is this mysterious person,

That travels alone,

The one that rides on this shadowly road,

With no sound but his own,

The shadows follow this lonesome person,

Where he feels all alone,

After all,

Doesn’t he belong with someone,

Even though he’s ruined lives,

But this isn’t what he thought,

He thought the girl of his dreams would go back to him,

But it’s a false reality,

He’s living in a fantasy,

Just like Jack, Jill, and the rest,

Now rest easy you poor wretched soul,

As we pour everything out for you,

But not in the words of the wiseman would say,

We will make the wretched leave you,

You will live in reality,

But this kid,

This lonesome kid,

Won’t escape unless he has help,

But he’s pinned against the wall,

Where everyone gets to see him bawl,

But this wretched soul,

Is getting cleaner and cleaner,

With every fine slash,

While the blood trickles in a flash,

Someday this kid,

The lonesome kid,

Will be a man,

And finally open to everyone,

And no longer hide from the pain.

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