Lost and Never Found

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Ever felt like you lost everything near and dear to you, this is what this poem is about since, I feel like I lose everything everyday.

Submitted: November 09, 2011

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Submitted: November 09, 2011




Here I am,

On this humble stature,

To write to you,

To write so the world can see,

I can't escape this pain,

I know what i wanna do,

And it's to serve you,

I have poured my heart open,

And yet you think I'm staying closed,

This ground is where I belong,

With the pain of the world surrounding me,

I feel like this war will never end,

Until I put myself in the warpath,

Maybe I could get involved but yet,

When I look at your picture it sends me straight to my knees,

It makes me say "I'm sorry",

i must avenge my own pain that I've caused you,

I'm lost and never to be found,

I'll belong in this painful war,

That noone wants to be in,

I wish I could fix the pain,

And you know that,

But I can't fix it,

I ruined it all,

And I can't fix my past,

But look,

You're always on my mind,

I wish I could hold you again,


I'm lost and never found.

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