Michael and Skyler Have Issues Season: 4 Episode: 2

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In this episode of a long wait for Season 4 you'll see Michael and Skyler complain about their day and then something special happens (Read if you wanna know what that special thing is)

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



Michael: ughhhhhhh I'm so fricking bored Skyler

Skyler: Shut up (plays WWE 13 on ps3)

Michael grabs the controller and runs off.

Skyler: Damn it Michael I was about to beat CM Punk

Michael: Oooo Shiny penny

Skyler: Where?

Michael runs to his house with Skyler's controller and music while Skyler is looking for the shiny penny but little does Michael know that Skyler is already at his house.

Michael: (Opens door) Whew! I got his stuff.

Skyler appears and holds the shiny penny and terrifies Michael

Michael: What the? What?! How'd you get here before me?!?

Skyler: Remember that teleporter in my room?

Michael: Damn it

Skyler: Now I'm bored

Alex appears out of nowhere and stands by the fire place

Michael and Skyler: Who the hell invited you this time?

Alex: I did.


Alex: No No No wait I've got food

Skyler pounces on Alex for the the food while Michael loads the bazooka and Skyler stands behind Michael with a grenade.

Michael: Now we'll see you in hell

Skyler sticks the grenade in Michael's hood in his hoodie

Skyler: Bye Michael

Michael: What the fuck did you just do?

Skyler: (standing 40 feet away and yells) I GAVE YOU AN M&M

Michael: assholeeee

Skyler: nom nom nom

Michael: Damn it.  

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