Season 3: Michael And Skyler Have Issues Interview 17

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This is the season 3 finale of Michael And Skyler Have Issues, it's gonna be saddening because of what happens in it. It's nothing against Michael and I when I wrote it, it's just a song I was listening to, that's why it'll be there.

Submitted: January 30, 2012

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Submitted: January 30, 2012



At the airport Michael and Skyler think about their lives.

You coming Sky?

No Michael, I'm sorry but I can't do this.

What do you mean Sky?

I can't travel from city to city thinking I'm hurting someone when I leave.

I understand Skyler.

It just feels so gone, Michael.

I understand, I know how you feel (pats Skyler's back)

Michael, I'll stay here. Promise me you'll win your match?

Will do Skyler.

While Skyler walks off feeling guilty the song "Heavily Broken" by The Veronicas plays.

On the plane Michael gets up to get a coffee, forgetting Skyler chose to stay home. He gets all excited by getting two coffees.



Oh... yeah :/

On the plane someone named Fran talks to Michael

You ok?

Yeah, just Skyler just chose to stay home.

Why? I thought you two were inseperable.

We are but this week is hard on him.


His Uncle died two years ago today.

Oh... that sucks.

Yeah but Skyler knows his Uncle is better, he just doesn't go anywhere on January 26.

On the plane before it lands Skyler calls Michael.


Yeah Skyler.

How do you buy pizza?

You call the place and order it.

But but I don't know the number.

It's on the fridge.

Oh ok.

Michael arrives at the arena and meets his opponent Phillip Jack Brooks (CM Punk)

Hey Punk.

Hey Michael.

What's up.

Not much, where's your lackey Skyler?

First off he ain't my lackey, he's not here because of something personal.


End of the match...

Your winner the new WWE Champion Michael Taylor...

While Michael is celebrating news breaks saying that Skyler got in a car wreck.

Michael hurries up and tries flying home.

Michael calls Skyler's phone... gets his voicemail.

Hey you've reached my phone I can't pick up right now, leave me a message...


Hey Skyler it's me Michael I heard what happened and I'm coming home right now.


(to be continued)

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