Season 4: Michael And Skyler Have Issues Premiere

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Season 4 of Michael and Skyler Have Issues just began today and this will be confusing to some but understandable to those with a sense of humor.

Submitted: May 16, 2012

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Submitted: May 16, 2012



Skyler and Michael are walking around in the middle of a city. Than Skyler and Michael run into someone in a dark cloak.

Mysterious Person: Hey guys.

Michael and Skyler: Hey.

Mysterious person: I've got some candy in a dark alley, you want some?

Michael: Wait a minute! Tell me we are not doing season four!

Skyler: Mmmayybe

Mysterious Person: Hey Michael.

Michael: Wait who are you?

The mysterious person reveals himself to be Michael and Skyler's friend Alex.

Alex: Surprise!

Michael getting frustrated grabs a gun.

Michael: No! No Season 4 of Michael And Skyler Have Issues if you have any questions you will be shot.

Skyler being a smart ass; raises Alex's hand

Michael: Alex you must die now.

Alex: But but but but.... it wasn't me

Skyler: So how's season 4 gonna go

Skyler eats a marshmallow and smirks when he asks Michael about Season 4

Michael: Damn you Skyler we have to do season 4

Skyler screams jokingly as if it were the end of the world.

Skyler: I win!

Michael: No you didn't

Skyler: (looks confused) Why's that Michael?

Michael: I got the frappacinos

Skyler: Are you sure?

Michael: Yes

Alex: Hey are you gonna save me?

Michael and Skyler: No

Skyler runs off with 3 frappacinos in his hands and Michael chases him.

Michael: Get back here!

Skyler: No

End of Scene

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