Second Place Is Last Place In My Eyes

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Submitted: May 14, 2012

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Submitted: May 14, 2012




There's always a winner,
There's always a loser,
There's always those people you know,
I know that on the piano I don't seem that important,
But you know that I'm always open to you,
Believe in me that's what I always say to you,
Tonight will be better,
By the time I hear the bells ring,
I won't do anything to hurt myself,
But when I hear the bells,
It'll be my way of knowing that I'm safe,
I know that I'm not great,
I know that I may have slipped on occasion but we all know,
I'm someone who will keep playing the piano,
I know I can't play it very well,
But I'll keep playing,
While praying that I could be that first love,
But I'm second place to you that's how it feels,
But I know that in my eyes your first place,
And that will always stay,
I won't ever leave far,
I'd make sure your safe,
But you got to know that it's hurting that I'm not him,
But I won't let it free of my heart,
Since I chose to let you own it for life.

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