Walls a poem of regret

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Another piece by me and perhaps my favorite.
A look at the Barriers we build in our grief

Submitted: October 10, 2012

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Submitted: October 10, 2012




Inside the prision of my mind I feel an aching, A crying deep within, my heart is breaking.

I long to see the face that I remember but the clouds have hid away all your features.

But I cannot stop the tears they keep falling and all the wasted years in me are crawling.

Close your eyes and dream of me, Try to end the night so I can see,

All the love we shared came crashing inward crushing all my dreams to dust and splinters.

Reach for you only to grab air, feeling at every turn that I might see you there.

With this crushing weight upon my soul, My heart is aching more than you will ever know.

A pile of ash resides where my heart used to hide. And from this death new life begins to grow.

From the darkness A plant begins to show.

But where I thought new life was shining through twas only a rose with bloodied thorns

Fed by these thoughts of you.

Watered by my tears and fed by all my fears It grows inside these prision walls of mine

And every attempt to break free results in loss. My life has become pit of regret and dross

I built these walls to keep myslf from harm but now I'm only trapped by my own arm.

The floors are made of memories too sad for me to dig through.

The Walls I crafted From the anger burning throughout my mind.

And a cloud of poisen tears keeps me blind in a place where the light still shines.

maybe someday I'll return to love again, but then that might be the greatest sin.

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