A Walk Alone in the Woods

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A Walk Alone in the Woods is a short story I wrote after listening heavily to the band Maths. It is a piece of Queer Horror. A man walks alone it the woods and is taken by sleep after an encounter with an elk.

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013




A Walk Alone in the Woods


The Elk and The Moon


The woods were very old.

Sevran walked amongst the flora.

The trees and bushes and fungus watched him as he wandered.

He went slowly, captivated by the woods, leaves, seeds, and branches.

The thick canopy muzzled the rays of the sun.

A hole in the leaves and branches helped form a pillar of light where Sevran decided to sit and rest.

Hr sat and thought about himself, about his lovers, his father, and his surroundings.

He decided his life was shit, and his relationships were shit, and his dad was shit, and his surroundings were god.

He sat for hours until the moon shone through the gap in the vast bushy ceiling he was underneath.

What beauty there was in the moon he thought to himself.

An elk rose from the shadows of the forest.

His antler's dripped with fresh blood and wounds covered his body.

The elk stood pristine, with the moon lighting his solemn face.

The elk let out and echoing powerful call and then collapsed dead from his wounds.

Sevran calmly rose and made his way to the elk's carcass.

He felt it's pelt, touching it's wounds still seeping with warm blood.

The elk's tongue lolled out of it’s mouth, it's eyes wide open.

“My flesh is your sustenance, my eyes are your compass, my antlers are your tools, and my coat is your survival human.” whispered the elk's dead body.

The trees, bushes, and fungus watched Sevran as he cut out the elks heart and ate it.

He cut open the elk's stomach.

Maggots cascaded out of the elk and writhed on the forest floor.

The elk's phallus ejaculated semen, the maggots slid their way to the cum, consumed it, and then died.

Sevran rubbed the mixture of maggot, cum, and dirt on his face and screamed.

He skinned the elk and lay naked in it's fur.

He was taken by sleep.

In his dreams a demon of the woods came to him.

It's skin was bark, it's hair made of twigs and autumn leaves.

It's eyes glinted black.

It lay with Sevran on the elk hide.

It groped Sevran's chest and rose on top of him.

The demon's lips met Sevran's

Sevran returned the kiss.

The demon placed it's hands in between Sevran's legs and felt his cock.

Sevran was in ecstasy.

The demon breathed warmth onto Sevran's face as it stroked him.

The Demon flipped Sevran over and fucked him.

Sevran writhed and twitched in pleasure.

Sevran felt pressure and came a sticky yellow sap like substance onto the elk hide.

The Demon released and Sevran felt warmth rush through his entire body.

When he awoke in the morning the elk's body was just a skeleton.

Flowers had sprouted through the bones.

He stood and stared into the trees.

He saw the demon's figure in the woods.

It's face now looked tortured, it's eyes red as blood.





“These woods will consume you human.”

Breathed the demon in a voice of snapping bark.

“your dead body will nourish the trees.”

The Demon vanished with the winds

The forest grew silent.

Sevran bent over and heaved, a dense pain was growing in his stomach.

He wretched and squirmed on the forest floor.

Onto dead leaves and dirt his stomach purged forth a cascade of red bloody vomit.

Maggots slithered from the discharge.

Sevran smashed each maggot with his fists, outraged.

He blacked out on the forest floor.

The trees, bushes, and fungus watched.

The Demon watched.


Demon's Wrath


Sevran's limbs were bound by roots

it was again dark.

Red eyes glinting like firelight surrounded him

one held up light.

It seemed to come forth from the figures hand.

It lit up the creature's grotesque face.

Spiny thorns grew from the monsters decrepit face.

It smiled, its teeth pointed and black.

The wicked creatures began a hoarse chant.

Each one of the monsters lit their ethereal light, surrounding Sevran with their horrible visage.

Sevran felt extreme pain as one of the beasts gripped his member and ripped upward

severing it from his body.

The monsters all at once let out a terrible cackle that shredded Sevran's eardrums.

The crowd parted.

The creatures ushered the Demon forward.

Sevran was hoarse, screaming as the monsters offered his penis to the Demon.

The Demon took it and smeared the dripping blood across it's oaken body.

The Demon placed the penis to it's lips, kissed it, and then consumed it.

Sevran ushered forth another scream as his surroundings faded to black,

red eyes glinting in the dark.


The Fall


Sevran woke to silence.

His body was whole, his limbs were free, no longer bound by roots.

He stood, the elk hide soft to his feet.

The sun was shining through the bushy window that cut through the forest ceiling.

He took one of the elk's ribs and snapped it against his knee

then sharpened it against a rock.

He slid the bone against this thumb, drawing blood.

The trees, bushes, and fungus watched as a naked man wandered to the edge of the woods.

Sevran came to a cliff.

He stood and stared at the river far below.

He heard birds chirping as he cut his belly with bone.

The blood dripped down his stomach, down his cock, down his legs to stone.

He heard crows angrily cacawing as he severed his penis, throwing it down the cliff.

He could hear and elk's call shaking the forest as he jumped.

The trees, bushes, and fungus saw a dark figure at the top of the cliff standing in Sevran's blood.

It turned back to the forest, black eyes glinting, and hair of autumn leaves rustling with the wind.





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