Bigender Blues

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Channeling my Bigender fury.

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



Bigender Blues


why is masculinity required to be a man

why is feminimity required to be a woman

why cant my cock be a flower

why cant a flower be phallic


why does gender define humanity

perhaps because it is ruled by the giant shaft and scrotum of patriarchy


being defined to a single gender is unfair to me

its like keeping one half of your soul in a box with broken legs

and selling it as veil


like tearing your heart out of your chest

leaving it on a shore

slowly forgetting about it

you try as hard as you can to replace it

with anything you can find


its a struggle i cant cope with

whats between my legs

does not define what gender i feel at 

any given moment


so ill wear what i want

paint my nails any fucking color i want

and face any ridicule i am beset

with my middle finger and a fuck you


ill do it as a woman

as a man

as both


ill do it daintily


ill bat my eye lashes

ill shake my beard

ill pound my feet


mostly i will bear my fury

feircly and fabulously

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