Battle of Legends

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The death of the legendary baronet, Sir Davian Black, comes as a shock to Vikranth Veda. Having been taught the guidelines of the Other World and the problem it has been facing, Vikranth Veda is left with a mission to preserve the divine knowledge that was once so much into practice, and which is now lost. Having the location of the manuscripts, he finds himself not worthy of ruling the world, and begins his quest for finding the most deserving person to take over the charge, thus moving thick into the most dangerous and blood-sporty adventure of the Other World.

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Submitted: March 27, 2008

Among the world that we are very well aware about, is hidden another secret world, only a fraction of the people know about. This is a self-reliable world, which is known among its members as the Other World.
This chapter discusses the Prologue, the history that is required to understand the novel. Read Chapter

Entering New Lives

Submitted: March 31, 2008

Tonight, Vikranth and Cathy together walk towards a new beginning, Their past left behind, records burnt, they are at a point of no return. This night onwards, their sacrifices begin and they start marching towards their goal hand in hand until they reach it. Read Chapter

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