Cow, down in the park

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Me, cow and the park

Submitted: January 13, 2013

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Submitted: January 13, 2013



I daily take a stroll down to the park to spend some time releasing my thoughts on to a notepad, it’s usually peaceful and relaxing but today was not peaceful nor was it relaxing…I gently opened the gate as I walked in, I looked up to see what I thought was a flying dirty plate but it wasn’t, it was an old rusty UFO ejecting a cow.

At this period of time I thought I was dreaming, I was hoping someone would pour ice cold water over my head to awaken me but thatwasn’tthe case unfortunately, it was in fact a cow being towed down by a UFO, they aren’t as bright and attractive as you’d imagine.

I really didn’t know what to do so I thought I’d do what I thought was best and kneeled down and started to pray, nah, that wasn’t working the stupid cow was still being towed down. You’d of thought these UFO’s would have some cool advanced teleportation technology wouldn’t you? Well sadly, they don’t, they have just about as much speed as my Nan walking to the corner shop.

20 minutes later the cows successfully on the ground, munching on the bright green grass and the UFO has taken it’s time and hovered over the tree to wherever the fuck they came from and I’m stuck with a cow now, down in the park.

I gently walked over to the cow with my notepad and pencil, earphones are out just in case the cow pulls out some crazy Alien language onto me and as I slowly tap the cows nose, “Hey, Mr Cow” I said (to a cow) he spat some brown flem all over me, well Iwasn’texpecting a hello back anyway…

I carry on giving the cow some love as I’m guessing he’s had a rough time spending however long with some big headed out-of-this-world-creeps. The cow apparentlydoesn’twant my love instead this cow wants my notepad, the cow wrathfully rips the whole notepad of my hands and gobbles the whole of it. I became furious, I tipped the cow over and walked all the way back home and here I am, writing my daily blog.

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