John and the Sponge Cake scenario

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John the astronaut thinks he's heading to the Moon but there's a change of plan

Submitted: January 13, 2013

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Submitted: January 13, 2013



John and the Sponge Cake scenario John, astronaut 666 worked his way to the top of the science activity line, he was rewarded to join 6 other top astronauts to travel to the moon. This was his all-time dream, there was no chance he was missing this opportunity, no way on Earth… or any other far away planet.

John in addition to the 6 other super brains are tightly strapped into the rocket… Man calls blast off, and the rocket blasts off surfacing the whole entire world. 6 days and 14 hours later, John floats out of the remainder of the rocket, it’s very bright and smells very sugary, he didn’t understand, “Where are we” John asks.

“This isn’t the Moon, it can’t be?!” he apprehensively says, “Welcome to sponge world” one of the astronauts says as he rips the flesh off of his face, “What, what’s going on?!” John screams, the echo chimes and rings Johns ears as he falls to the ground in shock.

3 and a half hours later John wakes up, shaking and hyperventilating .. “Okay now, what’s going on” he says straight, “Welcome to sponge world” all 6 of the astronauts reply, “go outside and feel the floor and your legs.”

John climbs out of the bed, “that bed feels weird, not sleeping on that again” he states. “Wow, everything is sponge! even my… hold on a second, so are my legs!” “Yes, so are your legs, we replaced them boned legs of yours with that sugary goodness, you call sponge and we call home.” says Carny (3rd astronaut) “Eat it, Eat it, Eat it” chant the astronauts.

John takes a bite out the floor, “Mm, sponge, so you live on this?” he said, “Yes and now so do you” exclaims Arny (the 6th astronaut) “What, I can’t go back?” John says with a stutter “Nope, there’s no way back, join us” says Master Fry (1st astronaut, leader)

John reaches into his pocket and pulls out his fold-able rifle, “there is a way back! take this, mother-truckers ” he screams whilst murdering 5 of the sponged astronauts, the bullets going through like a knife to cake.

Master Fry attempts to assassinate John from behind, but John turns around rapidly and kicks both legs off of Master fry leaving him legless! “so unfair!” screams Master Fry, “Stay sugary” he announces to Master as his foot collides with his face leaving him departed.

John cuts a nice slice of sponge cake to take back as memorabilia and heads to pack his case and jumps back into the rocket to head back to Earth… “This story is going to hit big and that’s the last bit of sponge I’ll ever eat” He says victoriously.


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