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I went fishing, unusual but I caught something spectacular...

Submitted: January 14, 2013

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Submitted: January 14, 2013




I woke up this morning with an eager urge to fish, this was totally not me, and I thought I was possessed over night or something. My whole family have always loved fishing, it was like an art to them, like my painting but I never got why they enjoyed it to be quite frank, sitting there for what seemed like endless hours just felt like a waste of time; but then again, I only tried it once.

So I phoned up my friends "Hey lads, want to come fishing?" no answer... it turns out they were all too busy playing with their Lego or whatever other things they get up to...

But I wasn't going to let that stop me, I was getting my gear and going and that was final. So that's what I did! Snatched my parent’s long-thin-wiry-things, well whatever they're... Rods! That’s them, rods! And strolled of with my hiking boots over Freshney Mountain to the river Seelow where I planned to sit all day and catch fish.

I stopped at a sign I thought was extremely odd, "NO FISHING FOR MONEY" I sighed, "of course, I'm going to eat the god-damn fish!" but that's not what the sign meant...

I started fishing and 4 hours later I felt something pull, I was petrified thinking the worst (as you do) what was it? This can't be a fish! I yanked the rod and out flew this huge bag! "Wow, bonus!" I scream, I open the bag and there it was gold, lots of gold! Gold crowns, gold tiaras, gold rings and even gold jelly babies!

I ran home, as fast as Charlie when his hands gripped that golden ticket, I burst into my house! "Guys, look!" I shouted, "we're rich!”... I also forgot to mention, my parents are alcoholics, heavy alcoholics, they snatched the money off of me and thanked me on the way out of the door to what I'm guessing was a pub, to spend all of MY money.

Well that's the last time I saw my parents, a lesson in life guys, don't show your parents a bag of gold! Especially when their holiday a pub on a corner.

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