Sheep that go "Moo"

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Wife goes nuts, find out!

Submitted: January 19, 2013

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Submitted: January 19, 2013




“Moo!” go the cows, “Bah!” go the sheep.

I woke up last night, really early at about 3:33AM and it’s strange because I’m usually up at 3:33PM but I decided to go down and make myself a nice hot beverage, just to warm me up to get me back off to sleep.

I finally get my head down at about 3:56AM… yet again, I’m awaken at 3:58AM, “What’s going on!” I shout; “Moo” I hear from outside, I live on a deserted farm in the middle of a small town called Guyno so I’m used to all the cows mooing.

I walk outside in my rainbow dressing gown made out of skittles and my slippers made of glass, it’s cold so I run through all the thick mud, as you do… to find the cow barn open, I proceed to go in and I switch my eyebrow lights on as it’s pitch black.

“Anyone here?!” I ask, no reply.

“Moo, Bah, Moo” I trip and manage to get sucked through this pipe into another dimension and out again, my vision is distorted but I manage to pull myself together… I look closer to what I thought was a mechanical animal but turned out to be my wife, “Barbra, what’s going on?!” I shout, “Nothing love, I’m just fucking about with your animals” Barbra replies.

“Why would you do that?! silly woman” I say with confusion, “Well look, I’m sick of always hearing the sheep’s bah and the stupid cows mooing so I came out along with my medical kit to do an experiment, so I put the cows into the sheep, ripped the sheep’s voice box’s out and now the sheep go moo” Barbra says with confidence.

I wake up the next day inside a hospital, with a hang-over like headache and a nurse comes towards me and asks “Would you look some water?” “No, I’m fine thank you, what happened to me? where’s Barbra?” I asked with stress, “You just passed out, don’t worry, I’ll just go get her for you” the nurse replied.

3 shifty looking policemen wheel in a cow, “here she is, we’ll leave you both to be”


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