The girl with fat legs and a small head

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I fell in love with Sophie

Submitted: January 14, 2013

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Submitted: January 14, 2013



It all started with a bad day, no milk for my coco pops as well as only having to wear odd socks, but I was doing all I could to prevent the bad-day syndrome.

It wasn't even Monday and I've had no breakfast and I'm wearing odd socks! I decided to cheer myself up, there's no reason why I should be down and I don't deserve to be down either.

So with that in mind, I phone for a taxi and the taxi led me to the town centre where I planned to grab a coffee and do some shopping until...

I entered Coop lands with something in mind but my mind went distorted as there it stood, the monster; Sophie, the girl with big legs and a small head.

I felt awkward so I turned around to walk away as she looked very hungry, flesh hungry... "10 pounds of yum yums please" Sophie said, she read my mind; she's just bought exactly what I went in for!

10 pounds worth of yum yums! That swirls doughnut dipped into a sugary liquid, Mmm!

Anyway, that's the moment I fell in love, despite her monster deformity and her gigantic legs and tiny head I immediately fell in love with her. I walked up to her (still hoping she doesn't eat me) and asked "Would you like to go on a date, yum yum woman" "Sure, would love to"

So we moved out with our 40 yum yums and sat on a nice bench in the woods, 3 minutes away from the centre, we had a good conversation until we finished our yum yums "Well, I'm full" I said with a burp, "Well, I'm not" and with that, I was trapped inside her body, with the other 12 yum yum lovers!

Dedicated to Mr Oliver Dyson

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