The girl with the ear of Fame

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Ear of fame made of radiation, find out!

Submitted: January 25, 2013

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Submitted: January 25, 2013



The girl with the ear of Fame

Her body is crumbled bread and her eyes are round wheels, she's a very delicate and affectionate soul and loves her life; her life consists of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

Cathy the almighty hot chick-rockstar never had the dream of most young ones, to be a big rockstar it just happened out of the blue, she grew up in a small town called Condrum, it had a tightly squeezed population of 3 people per bed, she never knew what luxury was.

Within Condrum lived a huge amount radiation tanks which one day exploded, everyone was melting and turning inside out except Cathy, Cathy was stood there watching all this happen around her whilst this one ear grew, grew bigger than any other ear known to man. She stood there for 3 hours with no movement until a light beam struck her and lifted her up into the furthest hell and dropped her into the centre of an LA casino completely full of whores, she was confused but said nothing and moved nothing. An LA police man lifted her still body and took her to his manger, "Sir, we have a problem here, we have a deformed kid not being able to move" Guy the police man stated.

"Take him to this guy, Guy" the manager replied.

After a long trip through 2 states Guy finally drops Cathy off to the destination, Cathy still standing there drops to the floor and starts twisting her legs and dancing whilst making out-of-this-world music with her fingers.

Cracking them as if they were musical instruments, "That's amazing!" the guy says, "too bad that ear wouldn't sell" Cathy smiles and starts singing "Give me fame and I'll give you glory, you hate women but I love Tory" she pauses and forces herself into the guys eyes, the guy's called Arch for future reference.

Arch stops and is controlled like a mechanical animal, he turns around 3 times with a 1080 degree spin and announces to his bare house "Cathy must be the new biggest rockstar!" Cathy nods and replies "Thank you sir, ring me" and flips her number into his ear.

*News alert: "The new hot-chick princess rockstar Cathy is out and still, ready to blow your minds! literally" the reporter stares with a straight stare into the camera lenses.

The words going around, "Cathy's live, grab your CD, grab your tickets and merch!" and everyone's rushing as if there's a tsunami coming up behind them, this is the next big thing to well, Jimmy Saville!

Everything happened so soon just like the story itself and what Cathy thought she was turned out she wasn't, that radiation changed her life completely and was it for the best? Is she up for the rockstar life? ...

The crowd cheers as she's walking up the stairs of heaven onto the main stage, headlining for LA festival, Cathy is surrounded by a dozen of CIA agents all dressed in dull black carrying rifles the size of 6 year old child.

Cathy, dressed in a pyramid sandwich containing ham, cheese and gammon and Jaffa cake slippers is lifted onto the stage as she snaps her fingers and screams "For ears, we will rise!" the crowd are loving the new rockstar...

34 minutes into Cathy's set and something drastic and strange happens, her ear shrinks to its regular size and she starts to slur her words, "we will ris-" it must be the radiation wearing off! As she falls to the floor the crowd screams and goes to reach and grab that ear of fame.

Gunshots go through Cathy's sandwich suit and pops her stomach open which releases all radiation left inside her, that radiation reaches high mass and blasts out to 500 miles of area and the same pattern restarts itself.

Everyone's turning into radiation salads, hungry and dehydrated all but one small child dies, good little Colin, only does his ear manage to triple in size.

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