Sinister 3

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There a few charters but if this just a mess can yiu inform me

Sytems, yours I sold to the devil, but God saved you….


And I'm am here to shred the right/light…


Nothing came from nothing and what if I were to die


"All freedoms will burn"


Wake up




Alarm wake up


Brushing teeth 


Freedoms will burn, hmmm




Daddy Adam took my stuff again and didn't put it away 


Daneil Should I punish him for it,


It's fady sweet heart


I raised my voice calmly and he just said fuck you






She's a fucken lieer 


Yiu know Adam yiu could be a little more reponsive to lies


Be like Julia she knows the way


((Julia sits proper))



What would a girl know


That's it, if you keep puting your ways out of line I will lock both your doors from the out side


And nobody will play, with dolls




There my salves to my action figures 




I can't handle this


((Julia runs away)) 




Beep beep, that's my car pool I'm out,


Have a prospers peaceful day


Adam, ill slave yiur ass of you don't wake up to your self 


Adam runs away too


Its alwys boys that are ass holes, I know


there just not mannered,


Julia has a life 


Adam, he will be lucky to survive,


What we gonna do,


I'll imploy him








What is this shit,


 i don't know man, 


separate existnat bro


 ((there a sound playing from the car))


Waite I've heard this before Nah, this is fresh, it all around the world


Anyways here we are


Shit be down, Keep it clean boys, it's pickup time


……. Car noises


This is getting to easy were the cops, all hells going to break lose


I can't fuck over no more young,w ere displacing the streets


Yeah I know they go crazy over there drugs


Clean life is a happy life





Nothing comes from nothing




There is a washing machine, and it's a ladder with a device to hold down receiver


And ther is a man waking up,


And there is a 4 year old staring into the camera 


He turns it on, to see it didn't work, bagaol comes in


I am your god





Watch your freedoms burn



.strange disturbance reek havoc in our neighbourhoods and a man has been found straved to death, what seems to be a failed attempt of a tortured murder,


Somone has just given up, or did they leave thsi man out to dry 




Fuck fuck fuck!


This is it man, the whole neighbourhood hoods going ro be on patrol 


Nah man, jsut the unlucky ones








They turn up in the car and pull out there gloks


Teens run away



It's these fucking children, 


I know man it's some children of the corn shit



Nothing comes from nothing


What you on about




Somyhing rapped in my mind, it flows it's my recaoing dream


Gods, devil's 


"Shit man see a Dr" 


Brain butchers put me on some shit lose my comapsity to plan fuck that





 What are youd doing


Watching them burn,


((Dolls buring))


 I'm sick of her shit


I'm not the daemon here she is




Popper is mannered I keep telling you taht, 


fuck yiu! dad tells me other wise, 


what is it yiur father being telling you


Nothing, comes from nothing






Now e see, a path way, at night, and a failed torture attempt


 of a paper cuts  slit the wrist and a neighborhood comes out a a kid dispeears without being seen and


And the cops being called




2 failed tortures attempts out om our streets waht is our world coming too


The dead at3 missing and we don't know what to do now we see the problem, and it all satrt with truth



Hey, (cop)


Shit claos yiu scared the fuck out us man


Yiu should be, there a cops patrolling and there after anything


Fuck I knew i it


Its Shit though brothers, but I'm out


((Fuck horn))


……… burn



These are my children, and you've already lost your might




Fish, tank large, and paranas, in spetate tank,


Abuckets, poor by many children 




There are cops all the reported are in jail cells full,


And crlos is on the phone


Shit man were full yiu be shot on site,


They found more shit hole kids, man 21 year olds ther lost there minds 



Nah get fuck 


"Shit you not",


I can't kill a boy,


Sshhhhhhh amn keep it down, there will be blood,


 what the fuck have you been doing


Waht teh fuck you said!



Daddy, what is it yiu do,


Thses days sweet heart pray for my life


((And she thinks))


Hunny your an evistment broker, for 2 high end companies, separate deals for seeped occasions


 and if they fall so do we


Now rember if it wasn't for dady we wouldn't have waht we got






That's what the worlds turning to


Adam that's it,


Go to your fucking room 


And he runs out on the street 




Jsut let him be a man,


The boys got talent


His an ass hole


Get yiur son, Daniel 


I'll fucken get him,




Adam you get teh fuck back in this car boy,


 fuck yiur freedom's 




I get told nothing bout I see dad, I see everthing 


The world turning to Shit 


I wnat to be free




Get yiur ass here, what you I going to


On lookers


Adam plases come here


Fuck off yiu alwys prefer Julia, proper manered


She ruined my life, I didn't do anything wrong, she takes my soul

Every time


God doesn't deserve thsi yiu don't don't deserve this 


But Adam, life a bitch bit if yiu take a punch the only way is to get back up


Fuck off!


That's it, danile grabes Adams by the arm how dare yiu make a fool of me boy


You deserve to go to hell, 


We're do you get thsi nonsense from




Runs off



Da da da, Adam!




A a a awwww a what…..


There is a man tied to a pool, and has back slit down the middle like a cupboard the blood eagal, profermeed (old Vicking torture)




Now we,

.cops coming down, to dangles residence 




Nice place yiu got here


They jsut walk in


((Daniles home))






But your moneys, not


We know, you've been passing them off


Pissing them off too


Wasting out time


It's all yiur fault


And now I hope you fucken die tonight 


…..ring ring


Yiu wantnto answer that 




Fuck your freedom's!


Adams inraged soul 




Dada Adam ada ad


Shit man what we doing here our fucken jobs 


The heats down


Fuck were just looking out for our number ones


Fuck this drug shit there all pribly on meth



Fuck were they getting thsi Shit from 




What teh fuck was that! 




Awawwwwawawswwwwwawaww every one in tyer houses


Kids come out at night



Mass genisde 




Slaughtes everywhere


And Adam comes on to Julia,


Bugal watches teh fight


Adam wins




That's my boy


Julia has been a very busy girl, take and take and take and take and take 


But our freedom's were sold


Now yiur in shit on me and thsi is my land!


(((Watch your son, burn))




I take no false idols, but now there gods!


Aadms inraged soul 








Neve take life empty buy the knife the slit yeh wrist in fear of what yiur done and its just might septare there aacdemisc Of the years of there life


Dreaming is died at 9, I hate my life I was watching 911


Ut caught ne by suprise


Its a Bomb on the streets a whole 3rd world caught in a state of years of my freedom's of a world that saw yiu to say fuck our hell 


You saw a h3rd you said fuck yiu all i know you made war


On their fears, you injsutacated life were imitated by your next suprise


"The wars on yiur streets"


End yiur life


"Sit back and cry,"


This is poles lives


Fuck your freedom's, I start late and now almost not at all


Like yiu knew what we think,


We made all hell,

 Togther by fears of a dieing empire built on our hates 


Now we just die,


Rather than a torted excuse of my life


This is our lives


Fuck yiur freedom's 


Yeah sorry, it the way of life!


Fuck your freedom's 

Submitted: August 07, 2022

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olive tree



RENO 9/11 reference? You've outdone yourself.

This line alone is genius: "nothing came from nothing and what if I were to die?"




Sun, August 7th, 2022 10:20am


Sick piece of writting

Sun, August 7th, 2022 12:34pm


All, you have to do us put potato's in the tail pipes of the polices cars, and slaughter all the untalented by bugal

Fri, September 30th, 2022 11:32am

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