If you own more than 1 bank, or just 1


You can see the input of, transference of funds,


Via the collective input of 


The decision of all that has been made


Where, the proceedings are world wide


And go through every country 


Where you know, the exact dollar made, per country, through legal proceedings of work


Where the last over is, dirty, dirty, money 


But if you round that off to,t

 The equation of


X over pie


The, digression can be summed up, to


A near precise evaluation


Of counter fit Money, that has been used to gain profits


Not just the money that has been transferred 




Where they have always known


And with the discussed topics at issue


It will topple the empire,


Of earth, accountable for more damages if


The proceedings of illegalities continue 


And due process, that our governments have always known too 


The people want this money, back into society 


Or a new world order will be in place


Spend, the excess wisely


There, is always illegal law, a bidding issues, that have been circulating causing more damages


This is due, to the world being at fault


Due, to the fact its is flawed in god's eyes 


But to be stronger, as nation is all I ask,


For it's not going to help, but it can help us all


Feed the poor, and save the homeless 


This has been going on for decade's theft 


Of more than 644.4 million dollars plus


I say it's that's a low estimate


After the damage it has caused society 


And if this does not change,


At least the world knows


We are nothing compared to money


And life is second to it


Discuses the better out cones for all,


Or the world, will revert to 0


And we can start fresh


So, I suggest we think of our best actions cause no one


Besides criminals did the acquired actions to the crimes


And, to turn a blind eye, is the only truth I need to know


Power, equals power,


And we arr all slaves to them


Give something back to the people or we will all see out 


A fanom


So in conclusion, do the right thing 


For if you find money are you able to keep it


I think not, not in my country I don't know about yours


But for all the lower banks, you wouldn't have as much money and this will be a smaller percentage 

Submitted: September 30, 2022

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If laws not law, where am I wrong

Fri, September 30th, 2022 5:47pm


The world will thank me, the banks wo t notice the governments will recommend and if you take it on you will lose Evrthing

Fri, September 30th, 2022 5:52pm


Ro topple the empire would be, the Causes of death, murder in and in some cases, torture, for the world going hey wore, where you should but won't get the death penalty

Fri, September 30th, 2022 5:55pm


Not get death penalty sorry

Fri, September 30th, 2022 5:56pm


I do t want anything bit, ro see the money back to society people spent

Fri, September 30th, 2022 5:56pm



Fri, September 30th, 2022 5:57pm


All country's, to all country's it's illegal to steal money, even if it has been proceed, where the differentials to the equations, are still meet, where ro succeed the value of your gross I come is illegal, in any foem of work

Fri, September 30th, 2022 6:01pm


If no law is put, inplace as they try to say

How come we can't steal money, then we can all walk into any shop any, business and just take what we want... like banks

Fri, September 30th, 2022 6:08pm


All business, sum up there money legal leads most, but they haven't got teh opertunity to, sum it all up, like our governments and banks

Fri, September 30th, 2022 6:10pm


And yiu can, see the legal, work, money through evey country, with proper paper work, rounded of z over pie and reduces, I reduced this value enough, and damages to society, this should even be higher but seeing how, the justice system failed you it's the givermnts faults

Fri, September 30th, 2022 6:15pm


The damages to society Armageddon from, bussines taking over other business, wrongful, law ading actions, and the sytem, being flored, but the criminals ain't your fault, but if yiu tried hard enough, yiu could trace, this, due to sales,

Fri, September 30th, 2022 6:19pm



Fri, September 30th, 2022 6:20pm


Distances, are, false, to see, though, if this contuies, it will topple, if nothing is done

Fri, September 30th, 2022 6:22pm


Due to the, fact, that it should, be this way for all, not just the exscdung wealthy, and if yiu can get away with it, why can't anybody Lower than yiu do it too

Fri, September 30th, 2022 6:23pm


Power = nothing, but greed of furtion

Fri, September 30th, 2022 6:24pm


That's means anything thing you have accountable made

Fri, September 30th, 2022 6:24pm


So I suggest you take the first option and Dave our world

Fri, September 30th, 2022 6:25pm


World peace, to all,

From your worthy suggested

Ryan Christopher Horvat

Fri, September 30th, 2022 6:26pm


And rember a topple is a crime

Fri, September 30th, 2022 6:27pm


P.s sorry for all the bad spelling

Fri, September 30th, 2022 6:27pm

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