Eamonn Lynch

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Eamonn Lynch leaves home only to be confronted with violence, crime, and murder.

Submitted: July 08, 2011

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Submitted: July 08, 2011




Eamonn Lynch woke up terrified in a cold sweat. This wasn’t the first time this had happened. It started two weeks ago along with the dreams. And every night since had been the same. Eamonn would suddenly awake dripping in sweat and roll over onto his right side to look at the clock. It read 2:11 am. He would then roll back, close his eyes, and immediately fall back asleep, not waking till morning. Only this night, Eamonn couldn’t fall asleep again. His dream had been different. Not that it was always the exact same, but it usually didn’t differ as much as it did tonight. It had never felt so real before. And that’s why Eamonn couldn’t get back to sleep. Because in the back of his mind, he felt that it had been real this time, that it wasn’t just a creation of his own mind.

As Eamonn lay in bed watching the minutes on the clock tick away, he couldn’t stop thinking of this dream. And the more he thought, the more he convinced himself that it wasn’t just a dream, that it really had happened. And one hour later, he came to a decision. He crawled out of bed and quietly walked across the hall to his parents’ bedroom so he could look at them one last time before he left. He walked downstairs getting ready to depart, taking nothing with him except the clothes he was wearing. Eamonn Lynch walked out the front door and gave his home one last look, for he knew not whether he would ever see it again. He started walking west down the old dirt road, trying to imagine what kind of adventures awaited him.

It was noon and Eamonn hadn’t stopped walking since morning. The hot summer sun was at its peak and was beating down on Eamonn’s back, causing him to become drenched in sweat. In his haste to leave, he had forgotten to bring with him any sort of food or drink and was starting to get hungry and thirsty. The road had been lonesome and the only signs of life that he had seen were a group of vultures circling the carcass of a coyote some five miles to the south and a farmhouse in the distance. He figured he would be able to find some food once he got there.

After another half hour of walking, Eamonn approached the old farmhouse to his right. In back, he saw an old wooden barn. He slowly crept to a window at the back of the barn and peered in, making sure the owner wasn’t inside before he popped open the window and crawled through it. The barn was filled with bales of hay on one side and two horses were tied to the other. Eamonn walked up to one of the horses and began to pet its wiry brown mane. The horse was very calm and Eamonn could tell that he was used to being around people. His hindquarters looked very powerful like they could kill someone if they were ever unfortunate enough to get kicked by him. Yet at the same time, he was the most graceful and peaceful looking creature Eamonn had ever seen.

All of a sudden, a soft click broke the silence and Eamonn felt cold metal being pushed into the back of his neck. Who in the hell are you? Eamonn was petrified. He tried to speak but no words came out. I asked who are you?

My name is Eamonn Lynch, Eamonn stuttered. I’ve been walking since before sunrise and haven’t eaten a scrap of food all day. I was just lookin’ for something to eat, I swear. Please don’t hurt me.

Turn around then. Let me see your face. To Eamonn’s surprise, he saw a boy that couldn’t have been any older than he was and was about three inches shorter too. The boy lowered the gun and put it in the holster he was wearing on his belt. Sorry for scaring you like that. I thought you was the owner. I ran away from home too.

I didn’t run away.

Then what are you doing in this barn scrounging for food? You get kicked out? Your parents tell you that if they e’er saw you set foot on their property again they’d blow your brains out?

No. Is that what happened to you?

Nope. Was just wondering. So if you ain’t running and you ain’t kicked out, then why is it you left?

I had a dream. Or saw a vision. Or something like that. So is there any food here?

If you wanna eat hay like them horses over there.

I’m hungry, not starved to death. Just then, the two boys heard the loud rumbling of an old diesel truck pull into the drive of the farmhouse right next to the barn they were hiding in. It was the owner of the property.

Oh shit! We gotta get outta here. You know how to ride?

Yeah but…

Then get on that horse you was lookin’ at and I’ll take the other. We gotta be quick before the owner catches us. Eamonn and the boy untied the horses from the wall and mounted them, getting ready to make their escape. They moved over towards the front of the barn and the boy unhitched the double doors and pushed them wide open.  The owner saw his barn being opened from the inside and ran to the bed of his truck to grab his rifle.

Hey get back here! You can’t take my horses! The man cocked his rifle and fired at the two boys as they galloped away on the stolen steeds. His first shot missed so he cocked his rifle again and fired again. He struck the young boy in the shoulder this time. The boy clenched his wound in agony but was able to continue riding away until the farmhouse was out of sight. They had to ride away from the road and into the desert so the man couldn’t follow them in his car. They came upon a river and followed it south until they felt that they were far enough away from the man to stop. They both dismounted their horses and the injured boy lied down in agony, still clenching his shoulder.

You need to see a doctor.

We can’t go to no doctor. We’re fugitives now.

Give me your shirt.

What do you need my shirt for?

Just give it to me. The boy took his shirt off and handed it to Eamonn. Do you have a knife on you?

Yeah. The boy unsheathed his knife and gave it to Eamonn too. Eamonn then cut the boys shirt into long pieces. He walked over to the boy and examined his shoulder. The bullet hole was covered in blood, and the boy still bleeding, so Eamonn took one of the pieces of cloth and tied a tourniquet around his arm right above the wound to slow down the bleeding. Eamonn then wet one of the other pieces of shirt in the river and used the damp cloth to clean the wound as best he could.

This is gonna have to do for now until we’re sure we’ve gotten far enough away from danger. You think you can ride until we reach the mountains over there? We can stay there for the night.

I think I can make it.

Good. Before the two boys could reach the mountains, they first had to cross the river that was in their path. Eamonn and the boy both took off all of their clothes so they wouldn’t get wet and hung them on the horses back. Eamonn walked the two horses across the river which was mid-torso deep while the boy waded across right behind. Once they reached the other side they dried off, put on their clothes and headed for the mountains.

The sun was starting to set by the time the two finally reached the foot of the mountain and Eamonn and the boy found a large boulder where they decided they would stay for the night. Eamonn went off to look for firewood and something to eat. He came back with a bundle of sticks in his arms and a few berries. Eamonn started the fire and split the small amount of food he had found with the boy.

Now that the fires hot enough I can fix that hole in your arm.

Okay. What are you gonna do to me?

I’m gonna close that wound up. Eamonn then took out the boy’s knife and put it in the fire until it glowed orange. You’re gonna want to bite down on this. Eamonn handed the boy a piece of his cut up shirt and he put it in his mouth and bit down. Now this is gonna hurt like a bitch but if you don’t let me do it you’re shoulder’s gonna get all infected and you could die. Eamonn removed the smoldering blade from the fire and pressed it against the boy’s wound, cauterizing it. The boy gritted his teeth together and yelled out in pain as the knife melted his blood stained skin together, forming a huge blister all along his shoulder. After a while the pain began to subside.

So who are you?

My name is Caiden Hughes. I come from Odessa up north a bit. I’m seventeen years old and I’m the best damn cowboy you’ll e’er meet. I could shoot a clothespin off a line from a hundred yards off, and that’s the truth. And I can also lasso a wild bull in the dead of night, no lies.

So why’d you run away?

I was tired o’ being stuck in the middle o’ that damn city. No horses, no cowboys, no freedom. Just a whole lotta city slickers who thinks there better ‘en me just cause they ain’t got no accent like I got. And boy did I need some freedom. There’s nothing better ‘en it, just going around, doing whatever the hell you please. It’s like I’m in one’a them Clint Eastwood films. And I sure do love that Clint Eastwood and all o’ his shoot ups and the like. Why’d you say you left again? Cause ‘o some stupid dream or somethin’?

Yeah. A dream, or vision.

So what is it you seen that made you skip town? It musta’ been somethin’ real good to get you up before the sun even gets up herself.

Well, I’d been having just about the same dream for a fortnight. Only last night it felt like it was real and I couldn’t get back to sleep. That’s when I knew I had to leave.

You tired yet?

Yeah. You?

Yeah. Good night.

Good night.

Eamonn and Caiden slept through till morning when the sun’s bright rays woke them up. Eamonn awoke first and saw that the fire had gone out but was still smoking. He went to find some more wood and rekindled the fire before Caiden got up. Caiden woke up to the intense heat of the fire and noticed that Eamonn was gone. He looked around a while wondering where Eamonn could have disappeared to when he spotted him walking back with some more berries.

Did you have the dream again last night?


That must mean leavin’ was the right thing to do.

I guess so. Eamonn and Caiden stayed at the foot of the mountain for a few more days until Caiden’s shoulder finally felt better. They used Caiden’s gun to shoot a coyote and ate that until they ran out of meat. They then headed further south until they approached the outskirts of a small Mexican town.  They rode through the streets on horseback taking note of all the buildings and stores they saw. They went into the supermercado and both ordered a burrito and rice and beans. Eamonn then spent the last of his money on a bottle of tequila and a new shirt for Caiden and rode back to the edge of town. Eamonn and Caiden finished half of the bottle before deciding to save the rest for later.

Did’you see that bank in the middle o’ town down there?

Yeah. Why?

Well neither of us has got two cents to his name and how’re we supposed to feed ourselves if we don’t got no money to buy food with? I say we go right on in there and tell ‘em this is a holdup. Hmm, watcha say?

What choice do we have? Caiden pulled out two bandanas and they each covered their faces so they wouldn’t be recognizable. Caiden also gave Eamonn his knife and checked his gun. It was loaded and ready to fire. The two boys rode their horses into town and tied them up outside of the bank. Still stumbling a little from the tequila they had drunk, Eamonn and Caiden swung open the saloon style doors and looked around the interior of the building. There were no customers inside and there was one police officer asleep in a chair in the far corner with a six shooter on his hip. Caiden walked over to the police officer and put his gun to his head while he took the officer’s gun from its holster and tossed it to Eamonn.

Don’t say a damn word or I swear to God I’ll shoot your brains out all over the floor. Eamonn walked over to the bank teller and pointed the officer’s gun in his face.

Take all the money you’ve got and fill this bag with it.

Por favor, no me mate. Eamonn placed the bag onto the counter and moved the barrel of the gun closer to the teller’s face. The teller quickly stuffed the bag full of pesos and handed it back to Eamonn. As soon as the money was in his hands, both Eamonn and Caiden bolted out the door and got on their horses. They rode south for a long time until they reached some mountains. It was almost dark so the two decided to camp out at the base of the mountain. They thought it was best not to build a fire just in case the police were out looking for them. Eamonn counted the money, 87,000 pesos in all.

That’s forty-three and a half thousand pesos each.

We’re set. At least for now I reckon. What’re you gonna do with your share o’ the money?

I don’t know. How about you?

I’ve always wanted my own ranch. I figure I could buy me a nice piece ‘o land with that kinda money and start from scratch. You could come too. We could build it together. We already got two horses to help with the work. And if we both use our money on it, we could buy twice as much land.

I guess so.

So you in?

Sure. Do you believe in fate?


Fate. Do you believe in it?

I believe that I just got shitload ‘o money and I’m ‘bout to build a ranch.

I guess so. Good night.

Good night. Eamonn and Caiden were grabbed off the ground by their hair and had their hands tied behind their backs with handcuffs. The boys saw a Mexican general sitting on a decorated horse with six officers standing next to him, three on either side. The general began shouting in Spanish. Then one of the officers went up to Caiden and walked him over to the base of the mountain and had him stand with his face towards the rock. The officer took several paces back and took out his rifle. He cocked the gun, took aim, and fired. The hot lead shattered the back of Caiden’s skull and he collapsed to the ground, soaking the earth beneath him in warm blood. Eamonn was watching this whole time. The officer then walked up to Eamonn and had him stand next to Caiden’s warm corpse. Eamonn heard the officer’s heavy boots strike the ground as he walked several paces back and then silence. The soft click of the rifle. Darkness.

Eamonn Lynch woke up terrified in a cold sweat. This wasn’t the first time this had happened. He rolled over onto his right side to look at the clock. It read 2:11 am. He stared blankly at the clock for an hour before he decided to get out of bed. He put on his pants and jacket and walked outside for some fresh air. It was cold outside so he put his hands in his coat pockets for warmth. He hadn’t remembered putting anything in his pockets but could feel the crumpled paper against his hand. Curious, he took out the paper to find a peso stained red.

© Copyright 2020 collier. All rights reserved.

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